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  • javad

i guess the battery is not suitable for this hardware

  • Gusta

Kyo, 10 Nov 2019In benchmark and phone test it say the camera is 12 mp?? Why in... moreThe 48MP is pixel binning technolgy from the sensor manufacturer just like other flagship which is using same sensor. Some already using 64MP and 108MP. Just read Google about pixel binning.

  • Kyo

In benchmark and phone test it say the camera is 12 mp?? Why in diacraption say its 48?

Is it cheating?

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019No global band B20, small battery, no 3.5 jack, no SD cards, glo... moreThere are few reasons as of why our ever so convenient & loving 3.5 mm audio jack is missing on Meizu 16s or 16s Pro:

1) Meizu's economic condition had been gloomy for the fast few years, hence they are looking at other options to cash in more money. One very effective way proven by Apple is to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack and force their smartphone owners to buy an additional USB Type-C to 3.5 mm audio dongle. Hence, Meizu had made their own audio dongle and wants 16s Pro owners to cash out extra money for this dongle along with the phone . Also no cheap after market dongles will do as 16s Pro outputs pure digital signal through its USB port. You will need to buy an expensive dongle like the one made available by Meizu which have audio DAC chip built in.

2) The latest trend in the smartphone industry is to add some kind a splash proof & dust resistance in the phone. There is a huge marketing side of this feature. Meizu knows they do not have the budget to go the whole way for expensive water resistance certifications like IP68 which are generally performed by smartphone leaders. For Meizu removing the 3.5 audio jack reduces the engineering & development cost a whole lot to easily achieve P2i splash & dust resistance standards. Mind you my LG V30+ has a 3.5 mm audio jack, and still comes with much higher IP68 water resistance standards. The difference is LG have the development budget to achieve IP68 on its flagship phone, Meizu simply doesn't have that amount of cash.

3) One of the main reasons why people buy Meizu phones are aesthetics. And the core design aesthetic of any Meizu phone is symmetrical design philosophy. However their phones are also known to be very compact and slim. While on the positive side all these greatly contribute to the in-hand feel and look of the device, the negative side is it leaves and very small place inside the phone for the battery. Hence their previous Meizu flagships like Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) always had smaller battery in comparison to their direct competitors like OnePlus 6T. So what Meizu did with 16th latest successors, the 16s & 16s Pro is to create a main PCB board which is very compact. The best way to achieve this is to put the back camera sensors on a upper left or right corner of the phone. This design is followed by most manufacturers for this reason and hence Meizu ditched their symmetrical philosophy and went like others in 16s & 16s Pro. However in 16th the camera module was on the middle to maintain symmetry. They also reduced the sub-PCB board area by eliminating the 3.5 mm audio jack while keeping the mandatory USB port & bottom firing speakers. All this modifications compounded with a millimeter of additional height & width of 16s Pro & also increase in thickness compared to 16th resulted in a much bigger battery space inside the new phone. Meizu 16th battery of 3,010 mAh soared to 3,600 mAh in 16s Pro. While this are all good for the battery backup perspective, on 16s Pro we loose the very important & loved 3.5 mm audio jack and of-course the long held and revered Meizu symmetrical design due to different rear camera placement.

Also the glaring omission of 3.5 mm audio jack by Meizu finally forced me to buy the heavily discounted ($240) Meizu 16th over the newer 16s. I must admit I am very satisfied with my 16th.

  • Gusta

Will Global Flyme 8 for this phone be available?

  • Usrao

Not Is not available in india , But i like the phone

Sexy phone... I own black color one, waiting flyme 8 global version. currently on beta version but stable enough

  • Richard watarious

I like the design especially the front design. Is excellent for me. I love this type of design better than the completely bezeless.

  • Richard watarious

This is a very great phone for the price only the battery is of a bit downside. It should have been 4000 mAh then this phone would be among the top rated in class for the price. Any way it's great phone for the price. May be Xiaomi will bring something better than this in same price braket. Let's wait and see. The Pocco line series would have done that wonder. Kudos Meizu

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019No global band B20, small battery, no 3.5 jack, no SD cards, glo... moreThey hasn't release the Global version yet. Battery is small? Haha look at the phone size! It's smaller than Mi 9 but has larger battery.

Don't whine that flagship phone using SD card because the perfomance is less than the UFS 3.0 on its internal.

  • Anonymous

No global band B20, small battery, no 3.5 jack, no SD cards, global rom development is dead, bye bye Meizu.

  • Anonymous

hey meizu its a while you didn't make a low midrange phone
something like these

with helio p35 ,5000mah, 152mm tall, wireless fm radio, ac dual wifi band, dedicated sd card, 4/64 or 4/128, dual or single simple cam, notification led, infrared port, lpddr4x Double channel ram

maybe even one of these chipset
UNISOC Tiger T710...Tiger T618...T618 looks like have lower price so its better choice

  • Pajson89

one of best looking phones on market

  • Anonymous

looking for a phone with flagship features and yet compact (height less than or equal to 141mm and width approx. 65-70 mm....

hope to see a phone phone with these features from meizu....

  • Anonymous

Chabarga, 30 Sep 2019People: Meizu pllz enough of 6.2 screen size meizu still like old school days
who wanna compact with no notch at all with flagship features will buy meizu
it soooo gooooood, you can't find any model of other brands like meizu phones

but if you wanna bigger screen like the other brands 160mm
wait for meizu 16T
will come @ the end of october

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2019I saw sd855+ and the price and nearly fainted then I saw the lac... morelack of what features ? this got OIS even ! u cant find ois on any cheap flashgips, not even on k20 pro premium.

People: Meizu pllz enough of 6.2 screen size

  • Anonymous

I saw sd855+ and the price and nearly fainted then I saw the lack of features and closed this page

The Perfect

  • Gusta

impartial, 15 Sep 2019This phone is f***ing beautiful. When I saw the official images,... moreSadly in reality, the price is not that cheap. But when we talk about 60 Hz screen refresh rate, pay attention that screen refresh rate is different than touch sampling rate. For exampel, iPhone Xs series and 11 series have 60 Hz screen refrehg rate and 120 Hz touch sampling rate while Meizu 16s Pro also have 60 Hz screen refresh rate but it has higher 160 Hz touch sampling rate. Higher screen refresh rate eats battery more just like OnePlus 7 Pro review.