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Hi I owned Meizu 16s for 1.5year along op8&pro ,s20 fe5g and yes flyme can luck in features and software updates but my experience always been wonderful as the phone itself is ridiculously lightweight,powerfull speakers,spot on camera to me ,such impressive battery life to me (as I could stop all unwanted apps in background ) , software gives not problem to me as it's very essential and easy to use and so quick thanks to snap855 and 128gb. And the look is soooo cool especially in white as mine. I will buy Meizu again indeed as per my personal taste. Love flyme definely and can't sell this phone despite I'm using an s20 fe5g and an impressive and unexpected pixel4xl . Will buy 17th next.meizu 100% top quality

Very bad company in terms of software update.

Anonymous, 12 Oct 20202 questions for gurus out there. 1. If I buy this phone ... moreFor Global ROMs, don't expect any.

My Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) arrived with Android 8.1 in 2018 and till now no update. But for $245 I paid, I have no complains. Meizu gives us a flagship phone for the price of a mid-ranger so expect no software updates.

  • Anonymous

2 questions for gurus out there.

1. If I buy this phone with global rom pre installled, will I be able to get future updates?

2. Will I be getting the latest flyme 8 with a pre-installed global rom?


Nick, 18 Aug 2020How they can bring out a global rom if they can't even... moreAgreed.. Flyme is pure crap.. unreal!

  • Nick

LMS100PA, 13 Aug 2020totally agreed, in addition, all must be released globally.How they can bring out a global rom if they can't even maintain the chinese rom? Flyme 8 is a bullshit!

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020meizu must start & its time to release cheaper 5g pho... moretotally agreed, in addition, all must be released globally.

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Audio Jack, sd card, is very important for me, global rom support is dead, try more Meizu.

  • Anonymous

meizu must start
& its time
to release cheaper 5g phones with
dimensity 720, 800, 820 or even no news about it dimensity 600
under 155mm + nothchless just like 16 series or with motorized selfie cam

or 4g cheaper

sd712 in meizu note 10
sd720g in meizu note 10 pro
sd730g in meizu 17xs


dimensity 1000(1000+) in meizu 17t
dimensity 800 in meizu 17s
dimensity 820 in meizu 17s pro
dimensity 720 in meizu 17x
sd765 in meizu 17th
sd765g in meizu 17th plus

  • Anonymous

I really hope the screens don't grow to 10 inch! I'm not a giant and my trouser pocket is not a big bag! Oh man, is not possible anymore to find to much phones under 6,5 inch! Shameful

  • Anonymous

This should have had 90hz display, SD slot and a headphone jack.. It would have been perfect.

jay prajapati, 16 May 2020Totally agree with you, but in India oneplus have done a gr... moreSome facts:

1) BBK Electronics of China consist of sub brands like Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme & iQOO. BBK is the biggest players in China and takes around 38% market share.

2) Meizu accounts for 1% market share in China is comparison to say Huawei's 35% and Vivo at 17% in Q4, 2019. Meizu is at the bottom of the chart in terms of sales and is a small company with limited resources. That doesn't mean they make bad phones.

3) OnePlus units sold in India are manufactured at Oppo manufacturing plants in India. Oppo factories manufacture for Oppo, Realme & OnePlus. Vivo factories make Vivo & iQOO phones. All locally. That's why OnePlus retails at much less price than in other countries. Local manufacturing, less tax, no import duties.

4) Meizu India imports their flagships from China as they do not have any manufacturing plants here. They are a tiny company in comparison to BBK & Huawei and have to pay hefty import duties on their units to the Indian Government. As a result price soars.

5) If Meizu does launch their 17 series in India expect them to be priced similarly to OnePlus. Thats how they priced for Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) in 2018. Meizu have non existent brand recognition in our country, hence they will sell phones at a thinner margin than OnePlus.

RishiGuru, 14 May 2020Don't expect Meizu flagships to be reasonably priced in Ind... moreTotally agree with you, but in India oneplus have done a great job by pricing it's oneplus 8 series phone, I feel Meizu can do the same as oneplus, because after all, it's second-largest company in china (if I am not wrong).

roht, 15 May 2020Rishi, can you suggest a female to male adapter to trigger ... moreI bought one from China long back. Don't know if it is available locally.

RishiGuru, 14 May 20201) When we talk about headphones we take about sound qualit... moreRishi, can you suggest a female to male adapter to trigger high impedance mode on LG V30 here in India?

Dennis.K, 14 May 2020Durability difference between wired and wireless headphones... more1) When we talk about headphones we take about sound quality first, second comes durability. And this is where for the same price the wired ones always wins over wireless ones provided we use a good source. Wired wins.

2) For the same price the durability & quality of wired headphones should be better. The wired headphones does not need to spend money on DAC conversion, battery and controls, The money saved is better put where it really matters, sound quality. Better acoustic design, better & bigger drivers & better materials for better quality. Wired wins.

3) Mid to high end cans comes with detachable cables which can be changed easily. Even if the headphone manufacturer is dead after a decade, the cables are easily available as 3.5 mm audio jacks are universal and are not dependent on any manufacturer. Not so with Bluetooth headphones with specific electronic circuits & batteries. Wired wins.

4) I don't know about your specific headphone use, but the audiophile world laughs at Bluetooth headphones for their audio quality. They are never good for critical listening, if you understand what audio quality is. The most expensive headphones in the world are not wireless ones but wired ones. Wired wins.

For the same price I will always buy a wired headphone over a wireless one. To each his own.

jay prajapati, 14 May 2020I wish they start selling 17 and 17pro in India too because... moreDon't expect Meizu flagships to be reasonably priced in India during launch.

Meizu India imports complete sealed units from China with high import duties & taxes. Meizu launched Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) on 5th Dec, 2018 in India at a price of INR 40K when the same phone in China used to cost INR 33K. As on Oct, 2020 I bought the same phone at INR 17K ($240) from an India retail e-commerce platform under offers.

Well at $240 we are taking. Meizu 16th is hell of a device at $240, but not so at the launch price.

RishiGuru, 14 May 2020Wireless headphones are less durable than wired ones for su... moreDurability difference between wired and wireless headphones? I don't think so, the only thing wired headphones ad is... A wire, which doesn't add much to durability and just becauae the headphones are wireless, the build quality does not differentiate, I could have my wired Razer Krakens and my wireless ones, both have the same sort of metal build and if it's other headphones with plastic bodies, the plastic still remains, the wire goes

Dennis.K, 10 May 20201. I don't think you can go wrong with bluetooth 5/5.1 conn... moreWireless headphones are less durable than wired ones for sure. And then they are more expensive and fragile than wired ones. Plus the need of charge the Bluetooth headphone battery and when the battery goes out and the manufacturer plans for planned obsolesce we are gutted with that headphone. A wired headphone on the other hand if properly handled & taken care off can last for decades.

Gusta, 11 May 2020This is China version. We don't know wether the global vari... moreMeizu 16 Pro was China specific. Meizu 17 of 2020 is the real successor of Meizu 16 of 2018. The 16s & 16s Pro of 2019 where like 16 on bigger battery with slightly bigger screen minus headphone jack as required to start their audio dongle and Bluetooth headphone business.

Meizu global versions are pricier as their phones are always imported from China and we have to pay import duties & taxes. Then there is the money required for Google certification. Even in India where almost 99% of all smartphone gets manufactured locally and are cheaper than in other countries, only Meizu & Apple directly import their units.