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Anonymous, 12 Aug 2023also pioneer on side FPHad MX4 myself 😁 it was dirty cheap beast for the time. I remember 64gb of internal storage was mind blowing. But they went first in even more things than using MTK that beats snapdragon. I'm pretty sure they had mini display on the back first, side Fingerprint sensor, it's even possible that they were first to use ~21mp camera... phone without a single hole (didn't work out unfortunately) and many many flyme features that later became standard. Oh... i think that "ring flash" was also Meizu... they're just so underrated because flyme update cycle was terrible... i don't know how it's going on now but that was deal breaker. Haven't used Meizu since 7 ... (because Meizu was never sold officially in my country and importing was painful). I wonder are they still holding up in price to performance category 🤔

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    • Anonymous
    • m51
    • 29 Sep 2023

    Samsung now copying this design for the S24 🤣

      How about samsung E5 PANELS...are they durable or prone to green line?..this is boe brand panels??please need youre answer🙏

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        • Anonymous
        • rh%
        • 20 Aug 2023

        Anonymous, 20 Aug 2023Galaxy S24 leak flat design like meizu 20, too late samsung 😂😂Thought I was the only one who noticed 😂

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          • Anonymous
          • Kif
          • 20 Aug 2023

          Galaxy S24 leak flat design like meizu 20, too late samsung 😂😂

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            • Anonymous
            • uE5
            • 12 Aug 2023

            Andrean13, 01 Aug 2023Yeah, it's sad Meizu end saling in Indonesia long ago.... morealso pioneer on side FP

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              • Andrean13
              • 61n
              • 01 Aug 2023

              Gusta, 23 Jul 2023What? Isn't Meizu no longer selling in Indonesia?Yeah, it's sad Meizu end saling in Indonesia long ago. Because BBK Brand (Oppo, Vivo, Realme, IQOO, Oneplus) had do massive marketing. I can't forget about powerful Meizu MX4 & MX4 Pro has won AnTuTu Benchmark on 2014. Gold memories

                Gusta, 23 Jul 2023What? Isn't Meizu no longer selling in Indonesia?Yea Ik. Some youtubers buys via AliExpress app.

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                  • Gusta
                  • vgN
                  • 23 Jul 2023

                  Samsusguy69, 19 Jul 2023Finally. The phone is the cheapest SD 8 gen 2 ever in Indonesia.What? Isn't Meizu no longer selling in Indonesia?

                    Finally. The phone is the cheapest SD 8 gen 2 ever in Indonesia.

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                      • Don
                      • mgK
                      • 13 Jul 2023

                      Where can i buy this phone

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                        • Ak
                        • rJ6
                        • 03 Jul 2023

                        Super duper

                          best size and design combination up to date in my opinion. combine with pixel grade camera and software and there you have the dream phone ever.

                            I gonna work to buy a lot of flagship

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                              • Anonymous
                              • XWe
                              • 22 May 2023

                              I wish 🙂 i have any kind of flagship phone

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                                • Rajib Shah
                                • XZh
                                • 07 May 2023

                                Anonymous, 31 Mar 2023You mean looks like a Samsung S23. iPhone with its triangle... moreYes!!! I agree with you..

                                  Cyclonite, 04 Apr 2023For anyone curious about this phone, it uses an OLED panel ... moreHell, I'm sure those pixels are the same from the Mi Band 6

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                                    • Nick
                                    • mmR
                                    • 13 Apr 2023

                                    Kwik , 30 Mar 2023Surprisingly GSM Arena has never reviewed any of Meizu phon... moreThey did review the 15 series, some time ago now.

                                    Meizu have been quite recently though.

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                                      • Zuby
                                      • iG3
                                      • 12 Apr 2023

                                      I like the design, but it could be smaller, about 130-140 mm high. Why do we always have to design and manufacture such big, bigger devices? Just because it's bigger doesn't make it better....

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • y6V
                                        • 04 Apr 2023

                                        would've tried this it had wireless charging like its bigger bros... sad. Samsung s23 is still the best compact I guess with that feature.