Meizu 21 Note appears in live photos with a 50 MP camera

Yordan, 29 April 2024

Despite Meizu's announcement of quitting the smartphone business, yet another upcoming phone has appeared online. A Meizu 21 Note with three cameras surfaced, one of which has a 50 MP sensor. The device will have at least two different colors, according to live images, both with a similar wavy effect on the back.

Meizu 21 Note Meizu 21 Note
Meizu 21 Note

This is the first time Meizu uses a camera island where the trio of shooters is aligned in a triangle formation. What is more interesting is that we are seeing the Note moniker reappear for the first time since the Meizu Note 9, launched in March 2019. The series was popular with its big screen, but with the way the smartphone market has evolved the Meizu 21 Note might bring a different selling point.

The company CEO, Shen Ziyu, previously confirmed plans for the FlymeOS team to move away from mobile devices and be restructured to develop new AI terminal devices using globally available LLM (large language models) such as Open AI.

FlymeAuto 10.5 FlymeAuto 10.5

This year, the company is expected to launch a new mobile OS tailored for the AI era. It should be compatible with cars such as Polestar, Volvo, and Lotus, since they are all part of the Geely portfolio, the company that also owns Meizu.

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Reader comments

This justify this even less to look like iphone while being cheap model too. Meizu use to be unique that didnt fallow the trends of other China phone brands with copying the Apple or Samsung so much And i dont think people really want to have a ...

  • Lupo
  • 30 Apr 2024
  • s3X

To be fair, this is supposed to be their cheapest phone in the Meizu 21 line so it makes sense that they're going with the iPhone camera style because it might attract more customers.

The company may not quitting smartphones, but they rebrand generic phones and slap their brand and call it a day. this is so devastating really.

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