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Ullas. K, 21 Jul 2015I bought it from Amazon during its release. I haven't face... internet on mobile data doesnt work at all...did you find a solution?

  • charles

It's great phone with good operation, but am having a big challenge right now! It has developed a problem on the home screen button such that it taps itself when i am using it, i don't knowhow to fix this please help i can't afford to buy a new one illove my phone so much please help

  • zoro

have the m1 note any firmwire with android 7 or more.. ?

  • AnonD-714417

Hi. Anyone know how enaenable 3g or rg for sim sim 1 cannot detect sim

  • Anonymous

sandi, 03 Aug 2017Got official update meizu flyme 6.1.0, good job meizu!Excellent meizu

  • Anonymous

Every time I use the browser or Google chrome to watch online shows using websites like the browser would always lag and then refresh on its own..helpp

  • dhom

It s a great phone and sometime it can embarrass you when u are at a public place. The phone suddenly hanging and made repeating sound & u get people attention :) Other than that I love my blue cheap phone

  • sandi

Got official update meizu flyme 6.1.0, good job meizu!

  • sandi

himanshu, 24 Apr 2017Can I use memory card in this phone -?No

  • himanshu

Can I use memory card in this phone -?

  • Jay

A friend bought me the m1note and am currently in Zambia, I have network issues and charging issues, I have never use 3G or 4G on my phone but if I try searching on other phones 3G and 4G is easy to available nd on mine only 2G, getting to the charging issue most cables such a for blackberry or other smart phones fail to charge and when charging it takes more than 5hrs,what do I need to do.....?

  • AnonD-661152

I'm planning to buy this. Just wanted to check if this can be upgraded to Lollipop version/Marshmallow version of android? Also, does this support India networks like Airtel 4G and Idea 4G??

  • AnonD-648300

AnonD-631597, 12 Jan 2017pro - good phone at it prices, fast, no lag, smooth, good c... moreHi. I'm also from Malaysia and just bought the blue one. I'm afraid if the screen problem will happen to me too. I got it from Lazada. How did you claim your warranty? Can I personally email you?

  • kualakangsar_mari

Battery very fast dry, half day of usage only

  • tom

AnonD-503383, 20 Sep 2016Very good phone!Screen is beautiful camera quality is good,... morei have this phone meizu m1 note bought it 2ndhand it haa been used for more than 2 years b4 this came to my hands but still has very long lasting battery life & still perform very quick... i used to have samsung galaxy phones, htc, sony xperia etc... but this phone meizu is the best no overheating & dependable phone.. also the oppo phones are very good... china is doing great in their te hnology nowadays... china quality is very good nowadays... almost all products are manufacture & made in china incliding apple iphones... so i really expect for china has developed their technology because of learning from otger countries while they manufacture products of other countries tgey also took advantage of learning techniques & developing their own products...

  • AnonD-636059

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2016i just bought m1 note but i can use wifi only if i use data... moreU need manual setting for data from your telco.i already setting for my wife phone,now can use with 4g speed..

  • Aaronic

Meizu a crazy phone, 1) it takes 2.hour or above to boot 2) the battery is not long lasting

  • Aaronic

Meizu a crazy phone, 1) it takes 2.hour or above to boot 2) the battery is not long lasting

  • AnonD-631597

pro - good phone at it prices, fast, no lag, smooth, good camera, big capacity, big screen, after upgraded to 5.1.12 still can uses smoothly, play latest games no lag, consider fast charging (about 2 hours compared to same range phone and price 300% more higher)
con - no sd card, not metal body
but uses about 3 months already, stated have screen jagged then got "ghost" screen about 90% of screen, still under warranty and sent it to Malaysia Meizu Service Center. Need to wait 1-2 weeks.

  • neoo007

neoo007, 29 Dec 2016first install google GMS installer. In from other site or m... moregms installer download link