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  • Pranay kadam

AnonD-91790, 04 Dec 2015Which one best between Redmi2 prime And Meizu M2. Already I have... moreRedmi 2 prime is best as compare to meizu m2 so you should us redmi 2 prime

  • dzenk

Bundy, 06 Dec 2015My Meizu M2 freezes quite often. Sometimes the screen begin to v... moreThere are two newer 'A' Firmaware versions out there - and . Try to install one of them.

  • AnonD-34660

There is a battery bug. Sometimes after waking up from sleep (auto turn off then on), the battery shows empty. Then if you put the charger on and restart, it shows 100%. Please fix it.

  • gep

sar value meizu M2. It's secret?

  • kaushikraj

this phone is awesome! the only thing i don't lyk z dt u can either use ur second sim or memory card!
i am not able to move my sim contacts to phone! plz frnds help me, how can i move my sim contacts to phone?

  • Bundy

My Meizu M2 freezes quite often. Sometimes the screen begin to vibrate when I try to scroll down the status bar, so I have to restart it, and more often I can't unlock the screen.
The flyme os version is:
Does anyone have that kind of issue?

  • Mr. Picky

Teddy Radev, 04 Nov 2015I think in the description is wrong the info about the display ... moreMeizu M2 and Meizu M2 Note are 2 different models. M2 is HD while M2 Note is FHD... 5" and 5.5"... Please check the differences and make sure you know which device model you want before buying.

  • arpit

sar value?


me, 04 Dec 2015Yes but only in whiteThank you!

  • satish kumar

awesome mobile in this rate
Plz go through buy this mobile..meizu company are new in mobile market but this mobile is very good .i used this mobile from last 20 days is awesome experince with this.
1.its body is looking very good
2.slim mobile
3.very light weight
4.battery life are ok
5.both camera are good buttons featurs are awesome.
7.only 6999
1.only little bit heating on when we dwonloading something very long time.
Nothig problem in this phone plz buy this phone.
See the sharmaji review on youtube

  • kamaltyson

guys i want to buy this phone i have some doughts in my mind so i need to clarify

  • me

NEVADA, 03 Dec 2015Have Meizu m2 led notification?Yes but only in white

  • AnonD-91790

Which one best between Redmi2 prime And Meizu M2. Already I have used Redmi2 prime it's Excellent performance good camera (I know 8mp) No heating issue great battery backup no problem everything. ((BUT NOW I SALE MY REDMI2 PRIME)) So please say Again i buy Redmi2 prime or Meizu m2. PLS REPLY THANKS....


Have Meizu m2 led notification?

  • sp

i using m2 but thear is problem to internet setting .mobile companys asking thear is no modeal updated .so i cant start net now this time ,mobile are good.

  • Anonymous

Hy Guys I've been using this phone for more then a week now and it is a really good phone regarding the price.

Today I noticed some missbehaviour by switching from 2g to 3g network:
going from 2g to 3g: no problem
going back from 3g to 2g: I don't get any data signal

What helps is to turn on and off Flightmode.

Did any one experienced the same missbehaviour with this phone. I'm using the software version 4.5.4l the international version

  • Ankit

subhankar, 29 Nov 2015Using this phone for 10days, here are my observations Nice bu... moreWhat is handphone sound on 3.5mm jack

  • subhankar

Using this phone for 10days, here are my observations

Nice build feels good in hand... Though i would recommend a case for it...
Dragon trail glass is ok, got a tiny scratch while in my pocket..
Color may fade.. Hint of fading near 3.5 mm Jack region...
Buttons are tactile...
UI seems fast... Not as fast as stock android still fast enough...
RAM management is good...
Battery life was mediocre at best...
Loud speaker was adequately loud.
Sometimes a hint of lag even in performance mode... While playing 720p videos in youtube...
Gaming is was not laggy though...
Network strength was good too...

Camera performance was not good... Images blurred often...and low light shots were simply too bad...

Flyme os is buggy at times though... For me that becomes irritating...
e.g. haptic feedback gets automatically turned off or gets turned on... While typing cursor does move sometimes when i try to place it somewhere... Rest is good

Good phone at 7000rs... I recommend it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2015I have used this for more than 15 days it is really awesome cool... morealcatel flash 2 much better deal than this

  • azam

can i buy meizu m2 pls help me