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Meizu M2 Note

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  • Anonymous

Justin, 12 Nov 20194 years later - still like NEW. Meizu phones are f-ing beasts. I... morei totally agree

  • Justin

4 years later - still like NEW. Meizu phones are f-ing beasts. I was wondering if this thing is every going to break so I can buy a new one, but it just doesn't. And battery still lasts amazingly well! This phone is timeless. Bought for $200, don't regret a penny.

  • Anonymous

not so bad, but my m2 become useless - many programs auto minimize after start.
I see that app started, but minimized. I try to maximize - 2sec and again app "in tray".
Factory reset, 1-2 month and again... With, or without updates (A 5.1, F Minimum set of my common apps... How to find what happens, how to max my apps when that shit is happens?

  • mahrez

in need of meizu m2 note screen can someone tell me anywhere around Kenya where i can get ?

  • jazzchandra

Sandy chik's, 06 Jan 2019Can somebody help me to chose between meizu m5s and m2note?M3S : fingerprint & 3GB RAM
M2 Note : great display, Asahi screen

I'm still using M2 Note even when I type this 😀
Not a single problem since center I bought it 3 years ago.

Just a suggestion, don't automatically upgrade your software/firmware before finding any reviews about the the latest update cuz some of the updated versions are worse than the previous.


  • Sandy chik's

Can somebody help me to chose between meizu m5s and m2note?

  • Anonymous

My Google services are crashed and so my phone is not working properly
How can it be fixed?

  • giselle

Ashutosh, 26 Jul 2018It's a very nice device but my mother board got short....I need ... morebuy mother board at the shoppe it shipped from china

  • Ashutosh

It's a very nice device but my mother board got short....I need a mother board for this device... How and where can I find one?

  • anon

Need help, my meizu m2 note starts lagging/pausing suddenly, used it for atleast 2 yeary

  • anon

That phone seems to good to be true, it promises a good memory, camera, hardware in a good price: and it is too good to be true. Camera is good but front camera has awful detection of colors. After one year of good usage, apps stop working out of no where. It lags a lot. Apps close suddenly.

  • noredin

who can tell me what is the latest Meizu and recommond me which model shall go to ?

  • MAAS

why in exchange offers MEIZU M2 NOTE is not accepting or asking in the listed models

  • shameizu

I ma using this mobile since launched, but display LCD screen broken with crack when it was fallen. How much cost will be effort to replace the part. Why this specific phone piece not offering in exchange in online shopping....plz answer

  • Hichem

SteinsGateZX, 21 Nov 2017i used this device almost 2 years now and i have to admit, Meizu... moreOn a full charge with some heavy usage (social, playing games etc) how many hours this device can get you?!

  • Goodboy

i have meizu m2 note with internal 16 gb, and i now want to buy meizu m2 note with internal 32gb, i really like this product from 1 year ago, somehow i love meizu m2 note than the latest meizu product

  • cavedog

This phone is the best. Using it since launch. I have the Chinese version of the device and still works great. Had to replace the screen twice due to falling but the screen is cheap at $12 on ebay with tools and very easy to change screen.

I want to get a new back case and battery but this phone is epic. Latest flyme installed with evie launcher and I really love this phone. My Samsung S8 is faster in some really intense games but overall my meizu for a 3 years give or take mobile I'm super hppy with my purchase back then from alieexpress.

Battery takes long to charge because there is no quick charge but charge overnight.

  • Prabir

Niclon, 01 Feb 2018I am using this phone over nearly 3.5 years now and i dont have ... moresame here bro

  • marky_mark

bloom, 23 Feb 2018This phone is nearing 3y/o dude wtfSorry Bloom, i read thread properly now.......:) yeah not 8 years old... had a good rant anyway!!

  • marky_mark

bloom, 23 Feb 2018This phone is nearing 3y/o dude wtfDude wtf is that this 3yo phone still does everything I ask of it. I thrash it and use high demand apps. Got a good 10 apps running at a time on it. 1080p screen. Love it. No need to replace it yet. great phone. fast
Been dropped a hundred times... still going. Even dropped it in water last week. shook it off ok without having to "dry" it in rice. The Nillkin case could use replacing... that is all....

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