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Hi, can i connect the phone MEIZU M3 to project and display to the LCD projector. Tq

  • Taeminah

It gives you viruses and it cannot be removed i do not recommend to buy this phone.

  • Ax

the phone is good. but program of it is not, 3 weeks of use then it get busted idk whats the reason. we try to bring to phone technicians and try to fix it but they cant. i will not going to buy another meizu phone anymore

  • Anonymous

Shitty phone. Constant promblems with Wi-Fi connection, very slow and numerous viruses. Do not recommend

  • Anonymous

it doesn't have a fingerprint,.its not included on the specs..

  • Smeger

does gyroscope sensor effective?

  • AnonD-82756

I have standard M3 and mine does not have a fingerprint sensor

  • Raaif

My meizu m3 doesnt have fingerprinting.....i've looked everywhere in settings but its not there...Please help me find a solution or the reason why its not there

  • AnonD-599392

Alahanfe, 06 Sep 2016dual-LED (dual tone) flash !! I bought one , I did not... morelook carefully on the LED flash, it's have 2 LED Flash is one circle

  • Rehan

It Has Gesture Modify And It Has FingerPrint Sensor

  • Alahanfe

dual-LED (dual tone) flash !!

I bought one , I did not see dual-LED flash !! any one seen this configuration ?

  • AnonD-82756

yeah ok so got the phone, its ok nothing to shout about camera is complete rubbish the photos in daylight look washed out, I've some 5mp phones here made few years ago which out do the picture quality and video by miles.

Battery is ok I get about a day and half out of it on average usage

Audio speaker is nice loud and clear, in call is crisp and clear

Flyme UI is nice and fluid I have not experienced any lag or freezing looks different from your normal Android which is nice to see something a little different, only problem is now I don't know if its a bug but every time I start the phone the icon sim tools comes up on first page but I want it on second page and keep moving it but every time I switch handset off and back on it is at the top of first page very annoying.

Build quality is very nice feels nice in hand and is very lightweight or though the back plastic smooth cover can cause problems for grip and can easily fall out of your hands.

Its ok like I said not brilliant but a good handset from its price point, and if you want something a little different from other well known brands give this ago.

  • Anonymous

Daniil, 09 Jul 2016I can't find any cases for this phone! This is really bad!you need to search for "m3 mini covers" something like that

  • AnonD-82756

Just ordered one of these fancied something different from the usual, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei etc, I have always looked on with interest in Meizu so decided to get this one hope its not a let down.

  • Mike

Daniil, 09 Jul 2016I can't find any cases for this phone! This is really bad!Aliexpress has loads. Ordered a few there.

  • Daniil

I can't find any cases for this phone! This is really bad!

  • Flipp

AnonD-81483, 26 Apr 2016Meizu should get rid of mediatekk shit, high battery consum... moreNot true. My Meizu M2 Note had fantastic battery life, even in standby.

  • Jony Pontano

AnonD-528654, 27 Apr 2016absolutely no fingerprint MEIZU M3 RAM 2GB 92$ US ==... moreDon`t you worry if somebody will know your fingerprint? It`s not safely this fingerprint, somebody can use it in outlaw things.

  • Johny

meizu!! where is the radio?????? i would buy it, but i can`t without radio

  • bhaski

Does it support clash of clans??