Meizu M5 Note

Meizu M5 Note

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  • DhamarQy .id

good look, good for call, good for sosmed, good price in entry level, good battery life, and not bad for simple plan ..............iphone L.O.L............ me be the experiance not same for other person, so........ 🤘🤘🤘&#129­304;🤘🤘🤘

  • Kurniawans13

I've bought this phone two weeks ago for IDR 899k about USD 64. It's worth the great.. the phone heat a lot when use the standard charger, so i'm using my aukey 10 watt QC2 charger and works fine. Charging time about 1 hour 45minutes, from 25% to 100%.
Performance is so so.. i dont use my phone that much. Just for checking whatsapp, facebook, youtube and make calls. The batery can last 24hour for my usage.

  • Ebi

It's camera and battery is nice while, but it is hot when charging and it's data connection and network is very poor

  • Susanto

The LTE Freq of Meizu M5 Note:
FDD LTE: 800, 850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 Mhz
TDD LTE: 2300, 2600 Mhz

  • croatia

This phone is best, awsome battery, screen, sound...

  • Sooty

just love this phone 32gb storage so run to sims and never run out only thing is second sims runs on a network that only vodaphone has left as everyone else has switched it off

HAPPY, 06 Jul 2018camera's lower then 2mp over all good phoneits not lower than 2 megapixel

I just bought this phone 3 GB of ram and 32 GB of internal storage, and already use it for a week. This is a great phone, for multitasking, social media, video player it runs really smooth, for gaming experience, i think its enough. Because the MediaTek helio p10 is NOT for gaming. And the look of this gadget is very beautiful and look so premium. The camera sector is okay nothing wrong with it. Overall i like it a lot

  • mady

its great phone in this prise range, phone battery life is great ,camera is ok and others things good


camera's lower then 2mp over all good phone

  • AnonD-753458

how can I activite viber account in this phone

  • jana

RainHeart, 17 Dec 2017does it comes with step counter ? is battery life is good for 1... more1. I don't think so
2. Yes of course, for casual use
3. No light, but it's very fast and very precise!

  • jana

RainHeart, 21 Dec 2017does google apps eat the battery really ?? advise me plzIn my case, not quite. Because this phone have a large battery and fast charging, you won't feel it.

  • jana

I just purchased my Meizu M5 note and it was fabulous! I bought the version with 4gb and 32 gb and I am contend. True the camera was a bit disappointing but I think this is the best phone you could get with that price. I read a lot of reviews about this phone, saying we shouldn't buy it, it's not worth the money.. believe me. It's worth the money (if you're not pushing this phone to it's limits) It's a great phone, the fingerprint sensor works great, the design is slick and it's size is just perfect. not too big not too small. The performance is very smooth too. The seller preinstalled google services and I have no problem yet with this phone.

The drawback is just the camera. Anythibg else is fine.

  • John

Flyme is very slow on my Mediatek Meizu M2.

  • RainHeart

does google apps eat the battery really ?? advise me plz

  • RainHeart

does it comes with step counter ?
is battery life is good for 1 day ?
is finger print has light ?
plz help me

  • CMG

TRUE, 10 Sep 2017no , of course it is not trueOnline , purchase redmi on Ali express it's cheaper than Lazada free shipping you'll only pay postal delivery 112 peso (for Cebu,not sure on other province/s).

  • Eris

AnonD-704191, 29 Sep 2017just a question for those who are knowledgeable with this.. whi... moreMeizu is cheaper than oppo and vivo, specs are almost the same, still not sure yet about the hardware, my unit are approaching a year now, no problem so far!

  • chi

lol, don't even compare Meizu with vivo and oppo, those two are overpriced af, they're only about aesthetics and not specifications. Meizu is nearer to Xiaomi, it's just that Meizu is using Mediatek chips which kinds turns off most people who know about tech or two 'cause xiaomi offers SD chipsets.