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  • TillyVilly

UserLinyan13, 29 Oct 2021No installer Service , No google service, No flyme s... moreHm. I have it and there is Google play servises!

Worst phone i ever had NEVER buy it!!!! working slow on basically everything >:( I had the the 16gb version and that's not enough for anything. BUT meizu m5c is really comfortable to hold :D

  • UserLinyan13

Denz, 22 Oct 2020I used Meizu M5c for about 3 months then I gave it to my si... moreNo installer Service ,

No google service,

No flyme service,

All locked 😭


  • Denz

I used Meizu M5c for about 3 months then I gave it to my sister and used it for about 1 year, then to my nephew and last to a family's friend. A total of 2 years +. Common issues out of memory, signal redirects to china, and devs of this phone cannot understand between log and lag issue.

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone for one year. Here's my opinion:

1. This phone is not suitable for gaming. Gaming will lag alot. Even some instagram filter will lag too. 👎
2. There is a delay when pulling a status bar
3. Expect a slowdowns
4. Camera is superb on daylight but meh on night or low light environment. No potrait mode.
5. Can watch youtube videos 720p without lags, good music on earphone 👍
6. Suitable for light/basic use (watch videos, chatting, calling, music is good too)
7. Battery drain fast (not too fast) if using mobile data, good battery life on wifi.
8. Have a almost great standby time (very less draining if turning off data wifi bluetooth gps, slight drain when on). If using a good quality charger or stock
9. Idk why but i cannot make a payment using carrier billing on play store. But credit/debit works fine.

  • shiva

Hi sir my phonw is 3g4g why not open
Only 2g open

  • jonald

M5c is so laggy, how to fix it?

  • Mrs ridz

Best smartfon ever. Cheap worth the price.

  • Mo Salah.

iF you're planning buy this phone gaming 3d like Chiken diner or else not good for high end games
when buy the phone looks like iphone 7 matt black finish really nice itss has visical bottom like iphone
that phone have good 8MP F.2.0 CAM GOOD for social media
this phon good but not for high end gaming
good for socialmedia and watch videos sound really cleaar and quite have mini bom bass in the loudspeaakerr time charge 1 t0 100 2hrs only
good value under 99$

  • kitsunegamer

im really satifyed with the phone... welll it a little laggy playing games before i think i will not buy another phone againXD... my rate for this meizu is 70/100 because the keyboard quite anoyed...(rip my english)

  • Anonymous

to make this phone little faster (reduce lag) trimmer app by AdminseHow from playstore..grant root permission, check all boxes (/data, /cache, /system) and press 'trim now'..

  • AnonD-82756

When I first got this handset it was a bit slow and I was not impressed but its now been updated with latest flyme os and the thing is lightning quick, a lot has changed since I owned this pleased to say that this has stayed as my daily driver and I am very satisfied.

  • AnonD-82756

AnonD-441601, 18 Jun 2017Looks good but Xiaomi 4a is better for 120 eurNo its not and I own both

  • crhro

I got this for arround 95usd free of.contract unlocked , at the price point it has no competition in my opinion. Initially bought this as a test device for my games as i wanted the lowest gpu of.the current lineup to test them, but i could see myself using this as a daily driver since i do not play 3d games(which is the only weak point for thi device imho)

  • AnonD-82756

Absolute junk of a phone so slow at doing anything and lags really bad not satisfied at all with this model, my previous Meizu worked a charm.

  • AnonD-441601

AnonD-441601, 10 Jul 2017If you dont loose your phone or wont get robbed you literar... moreBig Agree man

  • Marang prapu

AnonD-441601, 18 Jun 2017Looks good but Xiaomi 4a is better for 120 eurXiaomi good? Hahahahaha. Rubbish camera

  • AnonD-441601

[deleted post]If you dont loose your phone or wont get robbed you literary dont need that so its just waste of money.

  • AnonD-441601

Looks good but Xiaomi 4a is better for 120 eur

  • AnonD-320462

Eagerly waiting for the phone to be out because I like the simplicity