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  • AnonD-669497
  • JkG
  • 15 May 2017

I updated flyme in my meizu mx5 and trying to restart but never restarted anymore.somebody can tell me watch l
Hv to do now.

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    • Dr ved
    • gNZ
    • 01 May 2017

    Good phone

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      • Rajat Gupta
      • rAh
      • 20 Mar 2017

      AnonD-573696, 18 Aug 2016Worst phone. I am regretting now. Meizu says it has used go... moreya i have also this problem and laser auto focus also easily get scratched.

        • k
        • knd
        • XQj
        • 20 Mar 2017

        What can i do the missing my phone locking password?MD ...MX 5

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          • asker
          • p3m
          • 12 Mar 2017

          Yo guys,with one is better meizu mx4 pro or meizu mx5?And why? Thx...

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            • AnonD-69333
            • g3}
            • 17 Jan 2017

            Jacek, 18 Apr 2016Unfortunatelly, this smartphone is lookig good only on the ... moreThen you got a fake mx5.

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              • AnonD-69333
              • g3}
              • 17 Jan 2017

              good phone

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                • stelios13
                • swg
                • 06 Jan 2017

                Hello. I have upgraded the mobile and all applications were lost. You know how I can download them again?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • RJh
                  • 06 Jan 2017

                  Niku, 13 Dec 2016Gorilla glass... bolshit!!! why? yr one broken?

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                    • prodigies
                    • nwZ
                    • 29 Dec 2016

                    Someone, 04 Dec 2016I am using MX 5 for more than a year now and here is my rev... morenah it isnt like that, yes i admit that i do not own mx5 but, i do own m2 note which is good just like other meizu phones. they always offer you to install google services on hot apps notification, and if they dont offer then you can also open hot apps and install google installer which helps alot. btw if you use the phone a lot, you could like the flyme aswell, since it is lag free and it doesnt freeze at all

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                      • Niku
                      • msj
                      • 13 Dec 2016

                      Gorilla glass... bolshit!!!

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                        • Someone
                        • pFT
                        • 04 Dec 2016

                        I am using MX 5 for more than a year now and here is my review. The phone itself is amazing. Camera is great, processor is just perfect, i can run anything with no lag or bad fps, display and sound are also good.
                        The phone for its price is really good. But the problem is Flyme (android based but slightly modified platform). The flyme itself is good, it runs very smoothly but the problem is that meizu is focusing only on chinese market and they actually stopped having international and chinse version of flyme (atm its only so called "global" version which is basicly chinese, since they started adding chinese apps so i haven't upgrade flyme in about half a year now). Also with every update they broke something (snapchat, messenger...) and they need months to fix a tiny problem. And for the end, in recent updates they removed google mobile services (playstore, gmail...) and people have loads of problems not being able to install google from meizu's app store.

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                          • Anuu
                          • f{9
                          • 29 Nov 2016

                          Memory is lesser

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                            • Anonymous
                            • a3N
                            • 04 Nov 2016

                            Its a really good phone with its low price.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • PBb
                              • 24 Oct 2016

                              battery life is laughable

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                                • anish khan
                                • 7j{
                                • 12 Oct 2016

                                This mobile is gio sim no sport

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                                  • Boss
                                  • ijY
                                  • 17 Sep 2016

                                  one of the best phones I have ever had. camera quality is best compared to high brands like samsung, lg and others, also no issues in playing high end games. it is a real beast in mobile phones. i am using it now for more than a year

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                                    • SerVel
                                    • T4G
                                    • 15 Sep 2016

                                    Own this phone for about 45 days - few days ago the screen started to press randomly everywhere on the screen at once as I unlock it, it is impossible to make a call, or to do anything else. Now I am on GsmArena to look-for another phone - but this time definitely NOT mEIZU.

                                      I have used this phone for more than 8 months. Heres my review on this

                                      1. Excellent display. You can compare it with any high end phones. probably others will get stunt seeing this one.
                                      2. Sound is very loud and clear.
                                      3. Premium metal build. Design is superb
                                      4. Flyme UI is fast
                                      5. Flyme store provides nice themes & wallpapers like that in mi phones
                                      6. Sensor is good on this

                                      1. Battery drains fast on using camera & internet. Lasts for just 15-16 hours on heavy usage
                                      2. Contacts seems missing at times. Mails get stuck at times

                                      My final take on this if you are plainning a brand change try this one. You wont be disappointed at all. For more details on this mail me @

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                                        • AnonD-573696
                                        • U@H
                                        • 18 Aug 2016

                                        Worst phone. I am regretting now. Meizu says it has used gorilla glass 3 on camera lens but despite keeping it with all the care, the camera lens is easily scratched. I am totally dissatisfied with this phone especially due to camera lens issue.