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  • Anonymous
  • nUk
  • 15 Oct 2021

Better sounding audio output than Focusrite 2i2 and similar scarlets, Creative e-mu 0404 usb, less coloured than Denon DN-700C overall, altho Denon sounds better, better imaging, separation, stage depth, but Tc Electronic bmc-2 and konnekt both outperform it in all aspects. For portable audiophilia, seek warm headphones if you dont like studio sound, bass is detailed, but mids are as they should be- loud and detailed. High freq are phenomenal for a phone, but they have obvious dips and peeks and cant even compare to BMC-2, while 0404 gets respectively humiliated.
No for the sad part... Its hard to get it to output bit perfect signal, but if you go rooting, it might be easier. Use Neutron player, surely you can find free .apk if you are a pirate, but the fact is that its such a insane app, that its worth it :D
For all desktop testing i was running bit perfect windows, trough foobar2000

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    • Rocka
    • 0UT
    • 15 Apr 2018

    The pro 5 is just a beast of phone, the cameras is both great at day but at night you need manual mod and don`t forget even front camera have manual mod.but i have a problem with pro 5 i use them about an year and then suddenly it doesnt charge fast how i put a 5v/1a charger but i use oem charger and fast chargeing stop working and now it need 5 hours to charge fully but battery lasts more than 5h SOT

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      • AnonD-728018
      • n6F
      • 03 Jan 2018

      A good phone isn't just about the specs.

      While the hardware is rivaling the S6, this device wont give you anywhere near as much freedom to fully make use of it. There are no tools such as Odin and there is a lack of documentation, which makes it problematic to develop or install custom roms for instance.

      This alone wouldn't be that bad since there used to be tools to recover your phone but for some reason those are incompatible now with recent firmwares. This makes it rather easy to partially (i.e. losing recovery) or fully brick your device.

      If you are an enthusiast, think hard if you go cheap or buy a device from a brand which actually has your needs covered.

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        • m1 note user
        • tZ0
        • 07 Dec 2017

        the ram is 4gb but the battery below 3100 mah..anyone can give comment about it..tq

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          • AnonD-569345
          • 0UT
          • 25 Nov 2017

          zalman, 20 Aug 2017i was have the leeco x600 and now 5 pro...must say: the cam... moreTry manual mode,then x600 is useless,i said this because i have x900 and pro 5, front camera is better on x900

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            • AnonD-632734
            • tV0
            • 01 Oct 2017

            Been using Meizu again after switching many smartphones for far, they're still my favourite. Hoping their baseband would expand better in the following years to come.

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              • zalman
              • muE
              • 20 Aug 2017

              i was have the leeco x600 and now 5 pro...must say: the camera of 5 pro sucks!! my x600 2014 was better camera!

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                • Ves
                • I4e
                • 02 Jun 2017

                If you get rid of the Flyme OS the Meizu pro 5 it's is 10x better than any smartphone before the S7 series and it was much cheaper at that. battery life if phenomenal, typically i go 2 days before i have to charge it

                (google search meizu pro 5 ROM& goto xda-developers for help changing the OS the flymeOS)
                Currently running the unofficial Cyanogen Mod on mine

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                  • tiago91
                  • Pn$
                  • 01 Jun 2017

                  Meizu m1 note user , 08 May 2017Pls anyone tell if this phone are still worth it to buy today?? Absolutely it is!! I've buy one two months ago. No regret!

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                    • Meizu m1 note user
                    • v0q
                    • 08 May 2017

                    Pls anyone tell if this phone are still worth it to buy today??

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                      • kk
                      • KZK
                      • 19 Feb 2017

                      so far the best smartphone i have...

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                        • Chan
                        • uSQ
                        • 31 Jan 2017

                        Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016probably because it uses exynos. all exynos device have bet... moreMy guess would be because of Exynos and Flyme. I have Meizu M2 note which I say, it last longer than 1 day. That's pure music, wifi, messenger, games (ppsspp) - real Racing - beach buggy and clash of clans. Usual mode is Balanced (6cores running) and 50 - 25% Brightness. End of day 30+%

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                          • Werd
                          • vgM
                          • 27 Dec 2016

                          best smartphone camera I use, my smartphone forever

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                            • Anonymous
                            • PBb
                            • 17 Nov 2016

                            Anonymous, 24 Jul can a 3000mah on 5.7 stanby almost 95 hours???... moreprobably because it uses exynos. all exynos device have better battery life than snapdragon. mediatek is worst.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vx6
                              • 15 Nov 2016

                              Anonymous, 06 Nov 2016It's not available here in the Philippines. I've been looki... moreYou can purchased that at Lazada. It is now available.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 2Au
                                • 06 Nov 2016

                                AnonD-542326, 28 May 2016hi, just want to know, is this available in Philippines? if... moreIt's not available here in the Philippines. I've been looking for this but I could not find one.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • m5%
                                  • 28 Oct 2016

                                  jay, 10 May 2016Hi. Anyone here knows how to use the fingerprint sensor to ... moreYes, it's pretty easy

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                                    • AnonD-591528
                                    • MNs
                                    • 30 Sep 2016

                                    AnonD-402621, 27 Aug 2016Hello guys, Can you please tell me if this phone is "dua... moredual standby

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                                      • samir
                                      • Nk}
                                      • 12 Sep 2016

                                      Anonymous, 26 May 2016i would like to know why we can not change everything in en... morefrom where did you buy it? does it come with google play services? does it support OTA updates?

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                                        • AnonD-402621
                                        • nDP
                                        • 27 Aug 2016

                                        Hello guys,

                                        Can you please tell me if this phone is "dual sim full active" or just "dual sim stand by" ? When you use the phone in dual sim mode and you are talking on "line 1" and someone is calling you on "line 2" do you receive the call or the phone is busy?

                                        I'm planning to buy the 64G version 4G RAM and the answer is very important for me.
                                        For example I had Huawei Honor 6 Plus and that phone was dual SIM full active (had 2 separate antenna)

                                        Thank you!