Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero

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  • Anonymous

R.I.P Meizu Zero

January 2019 - June 2019

Dear GSM Team,
Meizu is selling this meizu plz change to cancelled to Relesed, and i think $399

  • Anonymous

Sad they cancelled this, best design in a phone for years. No "maybes" went into this. Ye, the missing ports wouldve been a no go for most people, i personally don't use any ports or openings on my current phone so i would have loved this phone. But ye it's a rather 600$ phone nothing like a 1000$ phone. It's a new-ish mi mix 1 and that's a good thing.

Thank GOD they cancelled this.

This is the future phone ???

Zero production

Broken Arrow, 17 Feb 2019Please don't become another Energizer HOAX :( It is already... moreJust as I was afraid of :( Another HOAX like Energizer :( Meizu, you better make permanent Cannabis allowance for your policy makers.

  • The_Expert

1. NO 3,5" Jack for Sound (=Very Bad)
2. NO USB (and hence, NO OTG!!!) (=Very Bad)
3. NO mSD Card Slot (=Very Bad)
4. NO Radio (Quite Bad)
Therefore, given the above CONS, my verdict is: Even if this Phone finally comes with a 300000mAh Li-Po Battery, I am NOT buying it!!! Enough said!!!

Please don't become another Energizer HOAX :( It is already past mid February!

  • Thanos

Lets wait for the output guys.

  • Anonymous

i love my pro 7.. i will definitely buy this thing.

  • koko

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2019I love new 'innovations' Remove all ports and holes to sa... moreYou have very bad thinking sir. Do you really think it is cheaper to hide all sensors, buttons, speakers etc behind screen and frame than just to fit everything where normally do on every other smartphone with all the hardware already available and tested?!

  • oyunbozan

this is the future phone.

  • Anonymous

I love new 'innovations'
Remove all ports and holes to save money and get more profit and call it innovation so you can sell it at an expensive price and again gain more profit and in the same time you'll get a free advertisement from youtubers
Great work meizu

  • john

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2019best design everfor design from meizu, i still prefer meizu 16 design. its just beautiful from the front

  • price

anyone know what price this phone will be around? just an approx is good enough

  • Anonymous

infra red, remote control

  • Anonymous

best design ever

  • Ace

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2019All the people complaining about how they won't be able to ... moreSo True!!! People act as though they shelled out over a grand and are stuck with this phone for life. Nothing wrong with voicing concerns but no need to sound like you're forced to use this phone. Haha

PrastistroN, 24 Jan 2019Ummm, how will you do ADB things without a port? In case th... moreTry a wireless router lol