Micromax A093 Canvas Fire

Micromax A093 Canvas Fire

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  • ILU

how to doing recording in it

  • Anonymous

I to having Micromax a093 phone. Phone is getting hot and rebooting again an again what I must do .can any buddy help me please...

  • AnonD-658848

I need to update my Micromax canvas A093 to newer version.so plz guide vth as easy steps as possible!

  • Shivam

Nabeel Muhammed P P, 05 Feb 2017Hello Shivam.. My Cellphone is MMX a093. So i want to upgrade... moreHey buddy , first root your phone by kingroot or by PC version of kingoroot . After successfully rooting your phone , install Rashr app from play store . Rashr is a app which will help you to flash custom recovery ... now grant Root permission to Rashr app ... you are all set up now.... Now go to google and type MMX a093 need ROM then you'll see so many ROM , So I recommend you to directly go to the Needrom website where you are able to download all the necessary files ... so first create your ID on need ROM website then log in then download cynogen mod 13 which is Based on marshmallow 6.0.1 and gapps and ctr ....... now go to Rashr app and flash custom recovery from your downloaded section ...after successfully installed reboot into Custom recovery and wipe out the pre flash section then install zip from SD card section where you put the cyanogen mod and flashed it and after then wipe out dalvik cache and caches ... then reboot your devices , it will take me 10 min. to reboot it completely ... Voilà ,,,,, Congratulation buddy , you are now running on Marshmallow , go to settling and about phone and see what you want to see ...... if you want need any help then contact me on twitter @Abhishekzobb... I will help you ,,

  • riju

Steve, 21 Feb 2016i got lollpop 5.1 update too. Thanks Abhishek , for guiding me h... moreHow to upgrade lollypop in Micromax a093

  • Nabeel Muhammed P P

Shivam Dubey, 31 Jan 2017Thanks Abhishek , I am running on Marshmallow now ... firstly G... moreHello Shivam..
My Cellphone is MMX a093. So i want to upgraded my OS from Kitkat to Marshmallow. How to do that?. I hope you will suggest a way.

  • AnonD-640366

Thanks Abhishek for guided how to update this phone to Marshmallow 6.0.1 . firstly I rooted my phone with Kingroot app then I install flashify app from play store and giving the root permission to all app...I just allow the root permission to all apps.. Then , I go to the google and search Micromax a093 need ROM , where I get to the first click , & it will let me into the needrom.com website , where I found Rescrrution remix Custom ROM , Cyanogen mod 13 custom ROM , MIUI 7 custom ROM , I tried all the ROM .... Before this I download the custom recovery Which is CTR known as Carliv touch recovery then I opened the flashiy app and install recovery and choose the downloaded ctr , and bingo , after 2 min. I got a custom recovery after I downloaded cyanogen mod 13 ROM which is Marshmallow 6.0.1 about 334 mb in size , placed it in my memory card ..... From flashify , I get into the reboot into the Recovery where I install zip from SD card 1 and bingo I got Marshmallow , so smooth like a butter on my phone.... Thanks Abhishek

  • Shivam Dubey

Thanks Abhishek , I am running on Marshmallow now ... firstly Go to google and type MMX a093 need ROM then search it , then click the first row , you'll get so many ROM for you device ..... I tried cyanogen mod and MIUI 7 and Vibe 3 on my Phone by flashing ...... thanks Abhishek once again

  • Abhishek

Chirag, 21 Dec 2016How did you got marshmallow??? first install Carliv touch recovery (ctr) , by flashify ,,, which need root permissions to your phone , so before this process , use kingroot to root your phone... after installing custom recovery , download Cyanogen mod 13 marshmallow , just search it on Google by including your phone model , then download it , File size is 334 mb... put it your SD card .. now pull out your phone battery and wait for 7 sec. then put it on by pressing volume up button and power button together , now you are in custom recovery mode , select wipe out cache , data , then select install zip from SD card , select Cm13 now install it... it will take 2 min. then again wipe out cache , data then reboot your phone , now your phone is running on marshmallow bases Cm13 ... enjoy ,

  • Chirag

Rahul, 25 Apr 2016I got marshmallow 6.0.1 update finally by cyanogen mode....guys ... moreHow did you got marshmallow???

  • Rahul

shiv, 22 Aug 2016This version is not upgred in marshmallowHey , by Cyanogen mode you Will get marshmallows... All you need to just Root your phone by using kingroot... Then install twrp then flash Cyanogen mode 11 by custom recovery ... Then enjoy..... Note , root will void your warranty ..and your phone might be brick in this process so do it carefully or by some professional people's

  • Rahul

sid, 14 Oct 2016my phone not starting and when start it shows me internal storag... moreIf you can't able to enter into Settings ... Try this , remove your phone battery .... Now put your battery in.. then Press volume up and power button together ..okay , together ... You will now in recovery mode.. selecte factory wipe out option by pressing volume buttons. . because touch doesn't work in recovery mode... After then reboot your phone ... After then enjoy..

  • Rahul

hum.bahadur kc nepa, 11 Sep 2016hi sir\madam I buy this mobile micromax A093 before 2 month ago.... moreActually it's a problem with OS. Not in your phone ... When you watching movies or videos , the huge amount of background cache are formed for working quickly ... All you need to do that , don't use default browser .. try to use chrome .. I also got this issue with some Chinese phone like lava, I ball , Intex , Spice ...

  • Rahul

sid, 14 Oct 2016my phone not starting and when start it shows me internal storag... moreFirst encrypt your phone by go to setting < security < Encrypt .... Before this you need to set a password or pin lock only .... After encrypted the phone , every time you need to enter the password or pin lock.. Now , switch off your phone & wait for 30 sec. Then press power button and volume up button together... Now you are in recovery mode . Select factory wipe out option by pressing volume buttons because in recovery mode touch doesn't work.... Then after wipe out , you have to wipe cache partition ... Now after this , reboot it.. enjoy .. problem will be solve ,, trust me.. I do it myself ....

  • Rahul

Anonymous, 01 May 2016How to update 6.1By Cyanogen mode ... Just root your phone with kingroot then install twrp and then flash a new Cyanogen mod ........

  • Sagar

thakur raghvendra, 08 Sep 2016dear abhi this version not upgradable Why this mobile version update

  • sid

my phone not starting and when start it shows me internal storage is full clean some space but i cant do that.... its not going to setting

  • AnonD-588251

how to software micromax A093

  • hum.bahadur kc nepa

hi sir\madam I buy this mobile micromax A093 before 2 month ago.now a days thers is one.problame on it.when I watch movies or news through web display was atometice off.after some minuts it open and.restart its self.I refresh and formate many time.how can I solb this probame. plz give me advise as soon as posible

  • thakur raghvendra

Abhi , 23 Aug 2016Hellow my name is Abhi my micromax a093 could not be change vers... moredear abhi this version not upgradable