Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2

Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2

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  • Gaussmatin

noble, 25 Dec 2013Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q w... more2.2 is better

  • Ashu

I am using this phone from 2 weeks. No problem at all. No hang ups. Superb camera quality. Good battery back up.

Much better than other phones in this range. Have not faced any problem yet.
Overall a best buy.

  • pank

Can sombody post cpu spy output as what is the compiler used for kernal compilation... Would like to know if its linaro that made phone so superfast...

  • ravi

i came to knw that it does not have direct wi fi.... whats that mean??? pls tell me... m very afraid nw.... plsssss tell me....

  • noble

Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2
Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q
which one is ettar??

  • Ashish

amit, 22 Dec 2013hi...abhilash i have mmx a114 n my frnd hav galaxy core..... moreI agree.camera & video quality is toooo good.

  • AnonD-111288

Sathish, 23 Dec 2013A114 is HSDPA or WCDMA? I saw it is WCDMA at the back of mo... moreWCDM is 3G funcation

  • amit

ravinder, 23 Dec 2013my fone no access any photo and video by bluetuth no enough... morehi ravinder...
here is solution of your problem..
go to
n change d default dd to external sd card...

  • ddineshrajaa

I have ordered the mobile today on this xmas special day after doing lot of research & reviews for the past few days.It easily fits in my budget...now i will tell you why it made me to choose...

H/W unit:It has powerful CPU:1.3 ghz,quadcore GPU:mali 400 which is used by so many manufactures & its successfull producing less heat when compare to qualcomm snapdragon(even though it has better processing speed than mediatek)

Display: Qhd 960X540 pretty decent for 5 inch display.you can't find much difference in clarity/pixel(PPI)between QHD,HD ready & Full HD display in small mobile 5 inch display,more over it will consume more battery power for full HD dsiplay.

Camera:for this price we can't really except clarity like nokia lumia series & other high end smartphones from sony,samsung,LG & other brands).but i hope it will never let down your expectations level since it has capability to record full HD videos with several options.

Battery:It will boost you for 1.5 days for normal use & 1 day for complete usage.

Overall it has got high scores in several benchmark test(videos are already available in youtube) & it won't disappoint you for this price.

  • kas

how many people are facing screen cracking problems with this phone ??? pls reply soon

  • Cp

AnonD-178539, 23 Dec 2013It is a great mobile. However GPU is missing but stil there... moreIt is have Gpu powerVRsgx

  • AnonD-218032

ayush, 24 Dec 2013it's a great mobile it's far far better than samsang mobile samsung is better. the screen dosnt break every time you drop it. and you dont have to pay Rs.6000 to get it fixed a week after purchasing it.
trust me.. magnus breaks too easily. a 12mp camera, 4.2.1 android n all that dosent look good when you cant see whats on the screen and the touch wont work!

  • AnonD-218032

i would say that this is a great phone.
The only problem (the biggest one i think) is that the screen cracks too easily.. you put it on your table with a little too much force and the screen would crack.. and the touch will stop working. i bought it a week back and i'm having the worst days of my life right now with this phone. if you want to buy something that breaks every time you drop it out of your jacket or jeans or your bag or whatever, for Rs.14000.. then this is the thing for you!

  • hussain

ravi, 23 Dec 2013any hang problm??? and can we move apps in sd card??Very good. And.on hang

  • ayush

it's a great mobile
it's far far better than samsang mobile

  • AnonD-146153

The Antutu benchmark on this phone realy very high than motorola moto g. Some benchmarks even higher than galaxy s4 :)

  • AnonD-178539

It is a great mobile. However GPU is missing but stil there no problem in playing pictures and videos. High resolution 720 played with mxplayer very smoothly. In a very low cost of Rs. 11000, I think it is a great mobile.

  • ravi

any hang problm??? and can we move apps in sd card??

  • ravinder

my fone no access any photo and video by bluetuth no enough memroy massege show on sacreen

  • k

Kapil, 18 Dec 2013i got it from Ebay 10749 onlyafter my discount of 750 Thanks