Micromax A350 Canvas Knight

Micromax A350 Canvas Knight

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  • AnonD-235017

jonty007, 13 Mar 2014ok mr. ultracrepidarian 1. india ain't have 4g adaption very we... morethats true...
never to invest on micromax phone infact not only micromax all indian brands like karbonn,lava,micromax,xolo,,zears,swipe,,etc they offer greats specs on papers but lacks in performance....
people are really getting patriotic being indian buy indian....
friends indian brands always cheats people in terms of built qwality and lack of after sales servive....
micromax and all other indian brands dump chinese phone from china to.india ....
these indian brands are really pathetic in terms of after sales service .do you know the reason ???
there are many mobile.phone manufacturer resides china they produce for various brands and indian brands only labels.them at back and call there product...you will find the same phone with another brand in different countries..thats not all these manufacturer produce specific models for.specific period after that they stop producing...that were the problem arise...which cause lack of parts at indian service centers....some time we see center authorities tell us to wait for 1 month or more to solve are problem under warranty...

we know that brand like nokia,samsung ,micromax manufactures there phones in india where nokia and samsung manufactures ony basic phones and micromax manufacture both ony few models and we know there quality..

international brands like nokia,samsung ,lenovo,sony,htc,iphone,blackberry.They are best amongs. thousands because of good product qwality and after sales service and they have there name labeld on front of the phone .they comprise 50-60% parts themselves...thats why least service issue occurs after sales.

if you are really patriotic buy indian phones ...not chinese phone with indian brand labeld at back......

if you are charged hight for international brand dont worry they offer great product and with awsome sale after service ...which indian.brands can.ever do..

  • AnonD-235017

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2014KIT KAT update will be available on this phone in aprilbut what after kitkat?? no.ugrades will.be available for this models ....sony and samsung is a way ahead ......great indian brand Micromax. with poor aftersales service....infact indian brand like karbonn,lava,xolo ,spice etc are poor with build quality and after sales service......
international brands are more reliable than.indian brands....
we think.that indian brands are trustworthy...plz visit there respective service centers for.only.minor issue like speakers surely they will ask for 4-7 days...those issue gets solve within. a day or an hours at big brands service centers....
indian brand service centers are like goverment office where no.job gets done quickly....

  • AnonD-235017

AnonD-164054, 17 Mar 2014i have related my answers based on the insider knowledge that i ... moremy friend gionee has grt camera in india market ......micromax knight and gionee e7 has same16mp +8mp on paper but the image caputured on e7 is way ahead aginst micromax .....whatever be either same aperture or 6 elements of camera...gionee has best if both ....dont compare like fools 16 mp camera of micromax with other reputed brand.....
16 mp loll

  • AnonD-235017

AnonD-125938, 17 Mar 2014Yes you are 100% reight. This model lacks an expandable memory.... moreformula to.reduce the cost of phone by manufacturer:
1)unibody (plastic)
2)no expendable storage(to offer expendable.storage that need o.s customization which increase cost of the product)
3) small battery size
4)one glass solution ( i.e both.touchpad and display are one piece)
5)no future o.s upgrades

  • AnonD-235017

YAZIR, 17 Mar 2014I am using the phone ,,,, great expriancemicromax specs sheets are grt but the actual performance are a way beyond...micromax 16 mp camera cannot be compared against nokia.lumia 920. 8mp .....on paper 16 mp looks good against 8 mp but what is the output??? that matters which micromax can.never. prove...

  • AnonD-235017

John, 17 Mar 2014Thanks to the Octa-core processor and the vibrant HD screen, hi-... moreyou are right you can play but cannot store them at once...this phone only packs 2gb for appsss.......to play high end games first install then uninstall again intall then uninstall,again install then uninstall...
this phone is not for gamers...

  • AnonD-235017

What is problem with micromax they give 32 gb of internal storage and only 2 gb for apps and another big shit is no expendable.storage.
i am sure i will not be able to store spider man, iron man, and batman at once ...micromax always cheat with storage ...and i am sure this phone will lag if storage of app i.e 2 gb gets full...

  • prem

K K, 16 Mar 2014Only 1.5gb For applications & 25Gb for Mass storage huh ! ... moredude ur comment...awww...der is no such smartphone of samsung in market vthim budget of 20k tht provides better service or features than micro..do a research n den speak

  • John

Thanks to the Octa-core processor and the vibrant HD screen, hi-end games such as Dead Trigger2, Real Steel WRB, Asphalt 8 provide a high FPS and lag-less gaming experience. The smartphone doesn't let music lovers down as the Yamaha amplifier delivers great sound clarity against high trebles and deep bass.


The battle for budget smartphones just heated up, with Micromax revealing the Canvas Knight A350 at Rs 19,999 with a splash of latest features and remarkable specifications. This smartphone is promising in every way and its impressive package might even be the next technology breakthrough since the Galaxy Notes and S4.


ssds, 17 Mar 2014Plz somebody help me how is the camera qualityI am using the phone ,,,, great expriance

  • MKS

AnonD-125938, 17 Mar 2014Yes you are 100% reight. This model lacks an expandable memory.... moreDo you really need extra storage in addition to 32GB, if so plase go for external hard disk u.....!

  • AnonD-125938

mumbai, 17 Mar 2014no brand can reach in top selling category esp. in India if they... moreYes you are 100% reight. This model lacks an expandable memory. This model may not be a great success in the market.

  • nambiar

micromax is the best ever mobile phone for a normal user. specification are as same as other high end phones. once you use mocromax canvas and above phones you will never go for other phone. sure use it enjoy the best features. the company need to concentrate some service stations or company outlets..........

  • mumbai

no brand can reach in top selling category esp. in India if they do not have external storage in their smartphone.

all the best for next models

  • ssds

Plz somebody help me how is the camera quality

  • AnonD-164054

i have related my answers based on the insider knowledge that i possess on the mobile phone hardware's and technology and of course the reviews

PS. i have never been wrong with my findings on a smartphone's performance and quality (not boasting but just saying)

anyway you asked about the camera quality, so here's the answer, the camera (both front and back) are exactly the same one found on Gionee e7, so the quality would be more or less the same with Gionee e7 camera's, if i have to be more precise the ultimate quality of a picture is determined by the image sensor's SIZE and good news the image sensor of this camera is almost the equal size of sony's 20.7MP camera so there is no doubt with its imaging capabilities (this camera module is called android's most sensitive camera for a a reason)

  • Anonymous

How big is the heating issue?Im all in for the phone but some reviews say it heats up after only 15-20 mins of gaming and clicking pics...some said it got really hot..

Any personal experiences?can i use it for hour long gaming sessions?

  • ricky

is canvas knight 16 mega pixel camera is really click 16 mega pixel image?? bcoz other micromax camera clarity is not good just like in canvas hd or other 8 mega pixel camera's in micromax phones

  • AnonD-244775

How to assign ringtone for specific contacts ?
Set ring tone option is missing in edit contact.