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Micromax A52

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  • dev

mm a52 has acellerometer or not.please reply friends

  • Vishal

I got a reply from Micromax that A52 does not have PushMail, I want to check my Office(work) Microsoft Outlook mails regularly, coudl soemone who has laready used Outlook on this phone tell me without PushMail can I configure and check outlook mails(real time)?

  • Mohanty

AnonD-63919, 12 Aug 2012NOW i m really confused whats the point of buying a52 over a56 t... moreMicromax A52 is the best than A52 Go fo A52

  • Darsh

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2012using two 2g sims is possible?please answer friendDear Friend yes you can use two 2g sim cards
and if your sim cards are 3g supported you can set 3g in one sim..

its a great phone.
battery backup is also good
touch is awesome.

  • Anonymous

what is the brand and model name of A52's CPU????

  • AnonD-66310

Friends i want to take help from those who are using A52 from a long period. How to increase the duration of lock systems. It automatically gets locked widin few seconds. Please help..

  • abi

my aisha realy super because im play gta 3 really super gta is totally 500mb no 1mis the mobile

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2012Both slots supports 2G and 3Gusing two 2g sims is possible?please answer friend

  • Amit

I have purchased it 15 days back still not able to start google play store and facebook. I had W8 earlier that got started on very 1st day. Now I am fad up can anybody help me out.

  • manu

I want to know that,is a52 is able to run live tv.

  • SOM

when I am surfing using wifi it works fine, but how to connect aisha and play store via wifi, its connecting default by gprs connection (SIM card) one. I want to connect play store via wifi?

  • Anonymous

Guys A52 plays 1280x720 HD videos without any lag! :) I checked it using MX player :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-63919, 12 Aug 2012NOW i m really confused whats the point of buying a52 over a56 t... moreDont look on display. Just go for A52. Performance wise A56 is worst. Another thing is you cant expect high end games like NFS in both A52 and A56

  • AnonD-63919

NOW i m really confused whats the point of buying a52 over a56 though it has got 1ghz procssr but yet not been upgradable to ics & i've heard mst hd games wnt work on this phone too simply coz f d display nly thing i see here is the better camera and 2.3.6 ??? guys need help plz A52 OR A56 ??????

  • Prakash

Hey friends..HD videos are not playing in my mobile(A52).How can i play those videos in my mobile.?Please give me the solution friends. eagerly waiting to watch HD videos in my mobile.

  • Kasi

any one tell what abt battery backup - micromax a52?

  • cubby

guys anyone tell me please the name of some hd games that can run on a52

  • Sandee28

Frnds plz tell me that a52 supports EDGE or not and how to connect this phone to pc

  • cbu

plz tell if a52 has an accelerometer or an auto screen rotation function

  • AnonD-66125

AnonD-66532, 12 Aug 2012does this phone have wifi hotspot? yes it has wifi hotspot