Micromax A61 Bolt

Micromax A61 Bolt

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  • BATI

REALY ;- Do Not PURCHES PHONE of micromax less than the price of 6999/-

  • Tek

rishi, 28 Oct 2014dis phone is too..slow..hang too much...internal memory is ... moreIt support 3G in HSDPA speed. it shows H network. You might have to enable it from your network provider.

  • Tek (Nepal)

I am using this phone. The slowest and most hang phone. I am fed up with this with in 7 days. RAM, processor and Internal memory to be increased. Another bad point is I can't install apps on SD card. So please add a little bit on your budget and buy another rather than it.

  • Ram

Hi friends,This set A61 is very very very bad,if I know a bit before purchasing I did never it.I am saying 100% true,trust me...
Very Low Ram, Very Short Internal Storage Only 135 MB in which about 60-70MB already comes used & >30MB required itself to function the set normally,so we can download only some apps 2-4 having very light mb,Can't be used Facebook,WhatsApp due to short space.
Very Short Battery Back up of Battery,Only 3Hours on net,Not more than 6-8Hours without net.
Being Hot Problem of set,It becomes very hot automatically while normal use or charging time
Takes Very Large Time To Charge,>4Hours
Consumes about 3-8% battery on every time start
Very Slow Internet.
Twitter App Don't works also well,requires every switch on to login & tells error too.
Camera takes too much time to start and its quality is not right.
All Apps take very large time to start.
Hanging Problem.
Songs can't be renamed.
Volume of music is very less.
Its Micromax home page set on inbuilt browser is very bad and designed to loot our money without asking us,by mistake I opened one day my Rs.56 auto deducted,neither I did so nor it confirmed me.that's very bad for users..
Can't be used Gmail,because of heavy MB.

Its Over All Very Very Very Bad n Worst Mobile, I am too much sad purchasing it,
I Specially Recomand Not To Buy It...

  • gyan

it is very slow and hang mobile no one can buy

  • badmax

This phone isn't good ,don't waste your money on this phone

  • SRA

Waste of money!
HangGuru! Lagging any time all the time!

  • navin vankar

what is ram

  • hadi

nathg to say its master of hang!!! 100% sure

  • aseemsnoop

rishi, 28 Oct 2014dis phone is too..slow..hang too much...internal memory is ... morego internet on opera mini or uc browser mini
u will be able to get fast internet

  • a

jeg, 13 May 2014internal memory too low.ka

  • piklu

Micromax A61 mobile not bad..but internet is very slow..and ram is very week..when iam play the game,the mobile is hang, then auto switch off..please increase ram and internal memory. thanks........

  • rishi

dis phone is too..slow..hang too much...internal memory is da main issue...it suffer with bad net speed...batterry is ok...can anyone comment more on net speed...a full fledged 3G net support or not..plz write something on net speed....net speed???

  • Aparna

naksha, 21 Oct 2014hi how do we share the music files in microma A61.i am not ... moreIts called BT and not Blue Tooth.. You find it in settings

  • naksha

hi how do we share the music files in microma A61.i am not getting the option for bluetooth

  • ashoka

dont buy this phone...! so many problums have.micromax company warrenty is very poor.

  • jegan

nikhil, 19 Sep 2014internal only 130mb.....very slow a 61 verey slow how to use gps

  • laddu

it have low internal memory and struck up too much, totally bad for youth

  • max well

micromax a61mobile is very bad it is the king of hanging.problem of low ram and internal storage it is so bad don't by this phone above instructions are 100% shure.

  • Anonymous

hadi, 20 Sep 2014im a micromax bolt A61 user...this mobile does not support ... morehttp/micromax .com.