Micromax Canvas 6 Pro E484

Micromax Canvas 6 Pro E484

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  • Anonymous

^ guys... check out the price and comment

  • AnonD-511668

Guys, please don't OVERACT as if Micromax is a bad brand. Now Micromax has shifted it's track and has also changed everything in itself for better Consumer Support. Yes, Micromax WAS bad, but now they are changing. Give a chance bro's, you people are ready to BLINDLY trust stupid Chinese Brands like LeEco, Meizu, Xiaomi which have just come up and are not ready to trust a brand like Micromax which did miracles since the first (except for Consumer Support)

  • AnonD-511668

AnonD-399271, 14 Apr 2016rubbish phone and highly overpricedOVERPRICED?? YOU DRUNK?? This is about 15,000 INR and packs 4GB RAM, probably the cheapest 4GB RAM phone till date and this also has excellent battery, Processor etc. (as compared to other devices at this point)

  • vaibhav

no gyro sensor

  • 001

[deleted post]I don't think so my 4 friends have micromax device 2 canvas nitro , spark , canvas 2 coloures and both these phones are working fine till now with no problem and all these are older than a year and even my 3 cousins also have micromax devices canvas 4 , unite 2, canvas magnus which are again older than a year and still working fine and even in my tuition there was also many users of micromax so simply this Indian company rocks and bcoz of which I am thinking of buying not this model but canvas 6 which is better

  • AnonD-399271

rubbish phone and highly overpriced

  • AnonD-526349

Useless ... better to go with other brands... Micromax never releases updates for the phones...

  • Anonymous

Why non - removable battery ?. I hate that

  • AnonD-526330

silu, 13 Apr 2016its good................Don't buy Micromax, why? I tell you why; Jan 2015 I bought Micromax Nitro for 14500rs, but there was neither support nor updates like I use to get in Samsung E7, Nitro got easily infected with the deadly virus which didn't let me use phone at all, I did factory settings dozen of times but wasn't able to get rid of the virus, because virus became a default app; it went into the system, and I had to taken the risk of flashing the phone; which has 5% risk of making the phone brick, now I'm afraid to use the device, reason of all this hassle? no support, no update, bad service, weak security provided by Micromax, so don't by Micormax cheap lame crap devices.

  • Abhi

no marshmallow os, no finger print sensor, no metallic body, atleast 32GB ROM, OTG not supported

  • TukTuk

silu, 13 Apr 2016its good................Very good phone for this price range, people want 64GB internal memory and sensor in such a less price under 15k ;)

  • AnonD-526274

Otg support yes

  • Anonymous

otg support ...

  • Anonymous

Its price must be around 9000 to 10000
Its costly .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-175594, 13 Apr 2016No finger print sensor it has fingerprint sensor

  • AnonD-441601

WTF Lollypop??? No marshmallow??? Ummm eh nooooo

  • villy

Phone with 4 GB ram and ROM 16 GB weird combination must at least 32 gb internal memory

  • AnonD-175594

No finger print sensor

  • rocko

long time i hear news about micromax.....but this guy lack essential sensors.....

  • silu

its good................