Micromax Canvas A1

Micromax Canvas A1

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  • Anonymous

It's a nice phone with low budget but never try to upgrade your phone to lollipop 5.1,you will have to face some problems later.......such as your will restart after switch off.....

  • Anonymous

Rex , 12 May 2015Micromax Cavas A1 is ashom... BUt its OTG not suppoted . BUt... moreI just wanted to inform you that This phone also support auto correct.

  • Rex

Micromax Cavas A1 is ashom...
BUt its OTG not suppoted . BUt Gaming IS best in gb RAm . I m download Ashplt 8 is somthly plya . and Bluetotth IS working ....

And THere is a problam HEETING problam ......

BUT it is Good phone FOR me .....


  • finto

Hi friends, now I'm happy with lollipop 5.1 update. Now my lollipop issues are solved. If ur phone get lagg while playing HD videos, games, or any lag facing, go to play store and update Android System Web View.
After this update I can use my phone smoothly.
Update now....

  • Anonymous

Godsend, 08 May 2015Have u lost it??? Is full 4GB internal usable??? Internal memory is 4GB and in that 2GB is user available. Is it that hard for you to understand??

  • palash

After update lollipop 5.1 I face a install problem and some time its lagging and hike does not open...

  • AnonD-377696

After updating it to 5.1 lollipop my phone's camera often hangs. It shows can't connect to camera. For solving this problem I have to reset my phone everytime which is very irritating. Please help me friends.

  • vickey

After upgrading 5.1 I cant able to instal sbi online app

  • kj

keyan, 29 Apr 20153g not working, after recharge 3g data, still my phone shows E s... morecome in full signal range, try changing your service provider to vodafone or airtel if u are in india....
then if u want to run only 3g then go to dialer.
press *#*#4636#*#* and select radio option as wcdma only.
It will run only 3g, if 3g found poor then it switches back to 2g.

  • kj

jayy, 03 May 2015even i am facing the same problem. Dont know how to solve it...a... morethis is how it is, if u ask for a ferrari in the price of a fiat you will only get side mirrors.......if u want all things great go for LG G4 or top end devices so that your wish will be fulfilled

  • kj

dinesh, 04 May 2015Hi, M e to facing the same issue,battery drain out such fastly,... moreremove fb app this is a pure battery sucker

  • pk

attari, 29 Apr 2015I,m feeling eye strain on this IPS LCD screen, specially during ... moreUse twilight app. Really helps!!

  • Godsend

tusharguhe97, 07 May 2015no ! I'm also using this device and it has full 4gb memory, you ... moreHave u lost it??? Is full 4GB internal usable???

  • syed

the biggest difference with canvas spark is multi touch point.spark has just 2 multitouch point and micromax a1 has 10 multi touch.so the touch experience will be awesome in mmx android a1

  • AnonD-392115

Thanks bro but i have orderd micromax canvas spark......hope 4 the best.

  • tusharguhe97

Godsend, 03 May 2015Google Inc skipped the feature to change user profile on Android... moreno ! I'm also using this device and it has full 4gb memory, you should check internally

  • tusharguhe

dinesh, 04 May 2015Hi, M e to facing the same issue,battery drain out such fastly,... moreits depends on your usage

some reasons
1. if you're using 3G data continuously this might be a big reason of your battery draining

2. screen block out timing

3. Playing games or listing music continuously

  • Anonymous

AnonD-392115, 04 May 2015Plz is this phone gud to buy or notbelieve me this phone is amazing .. great to use !!

  • tushar guhe

AnonD-392115, 05 May 2015Can i go 4 micromax canvas a1 or micromax canvas spark.can any 1... moreyou should go for canvas A1 , fully supported by google .

  • Ankit

I have used this phone for 6Months My Review towards phone

->Upgradable For 2 years. I have already updayet from 4.4 KitKat to 5.1 Lollipop

->Front Camera is awesome

->Application performance all Appd runs good and Smooth

->Gaming is smooth. Nearly all High end Games runs good. Some little Frame Drops.

->Internal Storage is 2.2GB but we can Rarely use that. So all Apps will installed in SD card including Games. So you can expand your Storage up to 32GB

->Speed, 1.3 GHz quad core processor and 1GB ram this is Awesome in Rs.6,000 mobile.

->Rear Camera not a best Back Camera

->Battery is Major Problem just 1700Mah. It drains down Quickly while Playing High End Games.

VERDICT:- Best Phone in this Range.
I say go for it and Grab your.It feels Like Mini Google Nexus. From My side 4.5/5. Battery is problem. But we can manage it. We all are smart.