Micromax Canvas Infinity Life

Micromax Canvas Infinity Life

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Couldn't they make the screen 1080p?

  • Anonymous

Micromax has put itself in very sorry state.No research, no development, no changes. Chinese companies progressed because they can copy and then develop their own products. Micromax can not do this.So what will be final output.When other companies have started giving 6gb ram,Micromaxs still stuck on 2gb ram.

  • cyber

micromax still designing phones for BPL prople

  • bumny dumny

Please, micromax redesign the phone suitable for 2018 and make it value for money.... add Ram 3 GB, Memory 32 GB and Battery atleast 3000 mah then it will sell.....

  • Anonymous

they lost their market after xiaomi entered India.
out dated specs. sorry micromax.

  • SAM

is this phone really needed for now?? omg look at the spec... killing device.... :P

  • WizKid

This company should seriously stop making phones. They had a good market share once upon a time but right now, no one would even notice if they wound up

Infinity life? Does this phone has imunity to water its durable enough to survive even artilery shot. Does its battery never dies or charges from any outside energy or matter which will bolster the battery? No its not. Then please rename the phone because its a cheap ugly brick worth nothing.

  • Soumyajit Raj

Increase the battery capacity & IR blaster
otherwise it should be garbage.

  • Guru

Better name it infinity lite as it has low end specs.

  • Anonymous

3000mAH+ batteries are in the past....oh wait! This is 2500mAH! LOL!

  • AnonD-746815

Price should be 5K, Otherwise it's garbage