Micromax Canvas Mega 2 Q426

Micromax Canvas Mega 2 Q426

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  • Bhusub

RAJA, 24 Apr 2021screen flickering started three days back. Screen is flickering, android is updating, system cant update. No update option available for the version. Overall good camera, memory expandable. But because of screen flickers cant use it anymore. No other option to exchange or get parts from any mobile store.

  • RAJA

screen flickering started three days back.

  • Akbar

Movie Sketch (2018) Actor is using this phone in the movie. This phone Working Well even after 2 and Half years.
Micromax phones are super durable and sturdy.

  • Rushed grg

EKBAL, 07 Sep 2017Battery is draining very fastAlways the same issue. Drains battery very fast after full charging

  • Anonymous

Merp, 19 May 2018This phone have no VoLTE chip..so its work LTE only..mainly... moreI have two phones one micromax and one vivo i have open two phone signal is same time but micromax Q 426 is can't reserved signal I am working on vivo Vivos signal is ok

  • Merp

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2017How to turn off volte in Micromax Q426 This phone have no VoLTE chip..so its work LTE only..mainly nowdays airtel voLTE not working and this phone have no update and no chip installed๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  • Rocky

Friends I have also Micromax Q426.
It doesn't work properly in 4G.
When I bought it I changed it's battery within 2 month,
I reset it every week than it work.
Don't take/buy this phone.....if you use pandrive it's
Haven't OTG Setting...

  • Anonymous

EKBAL, 07 Sep 2017Battery is draining very fastเชนเชพ Battery is draining very fast

  • anjan

its going to hung, have u any salutation???

  • Anonymous

Hi,,my speaker is too low.

  • XYZ

AnonD-703156, 25 Sep 2017Please give me a solution my phone is on but display light ... moreu have to visit service center

  • alpha

Anil, 03 Jul 2017I had bought this phone a few months ago. Every time I I tr... moreYes same here any solution?

  • chandru

Too much hanging! Dont buy

  • AnonD-703156

Please give me a solution my phone is on but display light is off.what can i do


Suzen , 06 Apr 2017Yes facing the same problem battery is already damaged Battery is draining very fast

  • micormax user kerala

Dear All,

Dont buy this phone.... some timed when it ranged, not able to chose the call pickup or cut off .Too hang all the time. Software update not getting....so many compalaints.

  • beywang

hey do not complaint at all rather you all should buy any other new phone which would cost you double..you just don't complaint

  • raj

guys micromax q426 phone 6 month battery damaged on my phone & os damaged & warranty i pay money so care fully choose on mobile

  • lamphrang mynsong

Average user, 02 Mar 20176"screen with 540*960 resolution. Wow what a great feature!!i have change the software of this phone two times that also within 3 months damm engineer just wasting cash..

  • AnonD-688977

Sounds like & looks like Mega due to it's physical appearance, but doesn't perform overall as per the name this is just a makeover for you to be lured and be disguised, overall battery performance compared to similar type of phone same range and capacity yet smaller display make_motorolla an outstanding agile device in today's time, Micromax should now focus on their small to middle/ average budget spenders if they really wish to sustain in long-term, rather than asking them to pay unfair and high prices you should focus on improving the same by becoming customer centric and bringing in smartphones that perform as ninjas even for average to low budget spenders, battery drains quick heats up and again you go there plugin and refill your battery again it will drain in few minutes and then the process goes on to an uncountable times....make sense of what you get from customer by selling them your product....RIP