Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 Q450

Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 Q450

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  • Gran Turismo

i will never buy this one for 18k.

specs are modest. 8k is enough.

  • Harsha84

Really i dont know what happened to Micromax.
always making smartphones with 5 inch display with only 2000 mAh batery capacity. What hell The problem is?? Only 8mp rear camera for the cost of 17k ?? Nonsense. Nothing is impressive in this phone. Atter waste of money.its another crap product.

  • Anonymous

really an osum phone... bst phone by micromax ever made...

  • AnonD-402344

Micromax known for cheap phones.17k is high for this spec.3G talk time is only 8 hours.

AnonD-266939, 18 Jun 2015Bloody micromax its an fully copied from france mobile company W... moregsmarena has it in spec

  • Ravi

You are right mukul, I am useing Xiaomi Mi 4i whisch is much better this...

  • Anonymous

8 MP is less

  • Mukul

Ohhhhhhhh........approx 17K .... there are so many options.....

  • gt

Really awesome phone I still can't believe this is a micromax phone it's build quality is like apple mobile really micromax did awesome work And its price is not high consedering its build quality its fair price really now I am felling proud on our Indian brand micromax

  • NAK

As per specification very good and very slim mobile. I like slim mobile. superb design.

  • john

another waste canvas phone. really snapdrgn 410 8mp camera 4.8inches screen worth 17999????

  • Anonymous

Compared to the price the specifications are good.

1> No Octacore processor
2> Poor Batter - 2000 MAH
3> Camera given are in all phones nowadays

Micromax are known to provide good budget phones but selling the phone on one factor that is slimness is too much.

  • AnonD-128840

No external memory and 17k is too much , should be around 9k

  • Anonymous

copy of wiko highway pure4g..same looks and same design and also same specs.. so micromax is a copycat company...

  • AnonD-266939

Bloody micromax its an fully copied from france mobile company Wiko highway pure model its all same Specs except android version 5.0 L, Shame on us micromax pls dont call micromax Indian top brand and US made BLU Mobiles also copied some models in MMX, if u want to check go the link : http://world.wikomobile.com/m541-HIGHWAY-PURE

  • Anonymous

Copy blu vivo air

  • ak

are you gonna mad micromax? 17000 it is joke

  • Anonymous

5.1 mm. me like.

  • Anonymous

Blu vivo air is the thinnest go check up
Micromax always copy