Micromax Canvas Turbo

Micromax Canvas Turbo

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  • h k reddy

hi, i am usin micromax turbo. i had a problem in attaching files to mail or any other site. while browsing, internal SD card is not detected ( showing music, gallery & sound recorder). pls help me out to resolve.

  • rojy george

Micromax canvas turbo upgrade to kitkat os

  • Anonymous

kar, 12 Jun 2014guys help me choose b/w motog and turbo. i know the specificatio... moreit is best phone in price segment . my mom has moto g so i can tell turbo is far much better

  • Anonymous

Hey guys which one is prefer moto g or canvas turbo totally confused im gonna buy out of these two in just3-4 days help me and any idea about kitkat on turbo !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

is internal storage a problm on tis phn? m thinkin of buyin tis phn... is it worth it? plz reply.... plzz......

  • Anonymous

Is it a good phon or not plz tell me . . . .

  • AnonD-273534

Am waiting for kitkat.....when will it come?........

  • AnonD-209577

chiku, 12 Jun 2014howz the camera quality......frnzz...............i realy wntd to... moreit has very good pic quality but in low light pic has some grains but its better than other mobile cam

  • AnonD-209577

im using turbo and my friend using moto g ..if u ask me i prefer turbo its better in all terms than moto g

  • fareed

Vry nice fon I want this I have purched but 7nfortunity I loss this.. but relly love that Iim missing next time I want to buy this ....

  • kar

any body with hands on experience tell me which is better turbo/moto g.

  • kar

guys help me choose b/w motog and turbo. i know the specifications of turbo r better than moto g.. but im talking about the working of the phones. if anybody has got hands on experience pls help

  • chiku

howz the camera quality......frnzz...............i realy wntd to buy dz bt worried abt d picture quality.

  • Anonymous

Im facing problem with my headphones. Though i replaced it no use.The new headphones too have the same problem.Im totally annoyed with headphones rest all features are good and phone is good.

  • Prashant

Don't buy the Mircomax Canvas Turbo A250 if you are a heavy user. The battery life is pathetic. If you start with a fully charged phone from home in the morning, the phone is likely to die out before you reach home in the evening.

  • AnonD-209577

Mugz, 09 Jun 2014Hey guys, I want to buy a mobile within 15K. I liked Micromax ca... morebro its a good phone no issues at all dont worry u can buy canvas turbo

  • AnonD-209577

Madhur, 09 Jun 2014Heyy... Should i go 4 canvas turbo or gionee e7 mini...???go for turbo its the best choice

  • Madhur

Should i go 4 canvas turbo or gionee e7 mini...???

  • rocky

Hy i am going to by Micromax Canvas Turbo is a right decision to by this phone i need a help from u . .... so pls pls help me ...what should i do..?

  • Mugz

Hey guys, I want to buy a mobile within 15K. I liked Micromax canvas turbo A250 and moto g. But after reading the reviews here I am not sure if I should go for these 2.

Please suggest good phones within 15K