Micromax Canvas Turbo

Micromax Canvas Turbo

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  • Arshad

Since last 4 months except camera hanging i havnt faced any problem.. Still this a very good phone comparing to s4

  • AnonD-251314

The phone is bad...evolving lot of heat on even a small usage..battery is dissolving very fastly...using the phone mostly connected to the charger..front cam quality is awesome but back cam is sooo disappointing... Contacts are deleted automatically for no reason and getting restored after two or three days...hangs up and doesnt work for long time.restarts itself..the main problem with the phone is heat and dam bad battery backup

  • Anonymous

AnonD-250648, 03 Apr 2014pls guide me whether to go for Micromax Canvas Turbo or Samsung ... moreSamsung in India, not the best idea. They run on Exynos chipsets, which are known to heat up and not as efficient as one may expect. So the Turbo isn't such a bad idea.

  • Rajiv

my question is VLC player supported to A250

  • aj

je, 04 Apr 2014grand 2 is beter option it;s wrng bro..

  • Sourav Sinha

Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me which to mobile to buy within Rs.20,000.

  • blitz

Farzan , 01 Apr 2014I searching a phone which is canvas turbo or xperia C which will... moreif u go by the name then sony is better but.if u see the features then turbo is much better i also had the same doubt but when i saw the videos of both phones then i felt that turbo is much better

  • je

AnonD-250648, 03 Apr 2014pls guide me whether to go for Micromax Canvas Turbo or Samsung ... moregrand 2 is beter option

  • AnonD-250648

pls guide me whether to go for Micromax Canvas Turbo or Samsung Grand 2

  • Pinku

How to back up data please help

  • r athickal

sam, 18 Mar 2014guys i am so confused about this mobile i am positive as well as... moreCanvas turbo is a very good phone below 15k range. It hangs once in a while, so also other phones. Problem is with android os.
I am bitter over my first loves Samsung. Two of them dead and they dont repair them.

  • Abhi

pls guide me wheather to go for Micromax Canvas Turbo or Samsung Grand 2

  • rahul

Anonymous, 29 Mar 20144- times need to visit service center after purchasing phone - i... moreI am going to purchase it... Is these all probs are ryt or fakes. ? I m confused...

  • Tedz

Hey guyz let me knw abt d camera and ovrol coz im hving problem wid dis cel also wid camera. Smtym it will autamatic restart and whnevr i go fr click it seems rare cam not workin only frt face is vissible bt smtym rare cam shw bt whn i go 2 click itz seens gallery is not respond. Wat to do guyz.......plz giv me suggstn.

  • sharma

restore ur phone it will work properly this think happen due to minute software problem only....
actually it is a v good phone ....

  • Shom

I've been using the Micromax for a couple of months myself. The battery is depleting by the min. By the time I finish this comment, I would have lost 10% battery. I don't know what to do. Will take it to the service center obviously. I really liked the phone to initially but now I'm starting to think I made a wrong choice.

  • AnonD-119541

Can somebody please tell me if the Dialer has option of Native Video Calling? i.e. Direct Video Calling using 3G and not via Skype, Hangouts, etc.

Secondly, please confirm if both SIM cards are online in standby mode, to receive incoming calls from any of the SIM cards. Or only 1 Sim works and the other gets shutdown?

  • gaurav

What a good phone it is !

  • Mustaq

DARSHAK, 29 Mar 2014which is better: 1. micromax canvas turbo 2. xolo q200 3. mic... moreCanvas 4 is good as m using for 2 months

  • Rsp

Whats the video format of this phone???