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  • Anonymous

In 1 charger got faulty and i tried fast charger of every brand it's not supporting fast charging other than comes with box. It is the major problem and company need to make accessories online to buy

  • Guru

Shashi, 21 Jan 2022After 6month battery no goodIs your Micromax IN 1 battery is swollen?

  • Shashi

After 6month battery no good

Before buying this phone you can afford swelling of battery then buy this phone

finest, 25 Sep 2021has anybody used micromax in 1 and micromax note 1 say whic... moreBoth the phones are same. It's just in Note 1 you get an extra camera. Go for IN 1 because it has better build quality than IN Note 1.

  • finest

has anybody used micromax in 1 and micromax note 1 say which one is better and why ? i need to buy the soonest

beep bop boop, 29 Mar 2021Poco M3 has UFS 2.1 (64gb) storage and UFS 2.2 (128gb) in t... moreBro poco m3 also has same storage option...if you want snapdragon processor and more feature loaded UI you can go for poco m3 or if you want is a pure stock android with no ads and bloatware and more gaming performance definitely micromax in 1 is a better option

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 04 Jun 2021Snapdragon chips would also sky-rocket the price tough?No? I've came across phones that are around the same price as this phone and they have Snapdragon chips! There's just simply no excuse here!!!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

marge, 20 May 2021FOR ONCE I just want Micromax to make a phone with a Snapdr... moreSnapdragon chips would also sky-rocket the price tough?

  • Anonymous

Best Budget Phone📱
Great Initiative By Micromax

FOR ONCE I just want Micromax to make a phone with a Snapdragon processor instead of Helio. They've disappointed me many times and it needs to stop.

  • ummm

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Would this work well in USA (in terms of 4G bands)?Operating Frequency:

GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8,
UMTS: B1/B5/B8,
4G LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8/B40/B41,

It would work "decently" in certain parts of North America and not so great in others. It's missing a few crucial bands. Interesting phone otherwise and priced very well imho.

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021micromax needs to step their game up in terms of value, in ... moreYou are wrong buddy. Because Xiaomi and Oneplus are chinese brands. A lot of people are against those brands. So for those people Micromax is offering a promise. Being a Micromax In 1 user I am satisfied with its performance. Micromax will rise and get stronger in the future.

  • Duryodhan

Siddhant Pandey, 26 Apr 2021You didn't need to sell it. You could have used any th... moreYes man you are right. I could have used Whatsapp business and normal whatsapp (2 whatsapp account) as well. It was quick and foolish decision by me to sell that phone it was a good phone anyway. But hey, I'm using Micromax In 1 since a month and so far I don't think I need another phone in next 7 or 8 months.

Duryodhan, 26 Mar 2021Dear Micromax please make a CUSTOM UI for your phone that l... moreYou didn't need to sell it. You could have used any third party app. Like 2Accounts

  • Anonymous

Micromax is offering a standard budget construction on the In 1, which is in line with the pricing.

  • Anonymous

Would this work well in USA (in terms of 4G bands)?

  • Anonymous

Arush, 06 Apr 2021The Micromax IN 1 just adds credence to my belief that the ... moremicromax needs to step their game up in terms of value, in india people are very well informed while buying a phone. Price to performance is usually the most valuable feature of any phone, So it's quite obvious that micromax falls when xiaomi and oneplus rise.

The Micromax IN 1 just adds credence to my belief that the Indian smartphone market really needs a strong showing by Indian brands such as Micromax.

  • Aham Brahmasmi

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021I wish that they could drop and save some money on the usel... moreWth are you saying bro. Every Phone looks the same, you see the Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi or Realme phones, there won't be much difference design wise. Micromax has designed this on its own, you see the back design, it has textured back (doesn't attract fingerprint) with a cool looking X pattern. This phone is giving stock Android (I for one don't want a custom skinned UI), punch hole design, big battery and almost everything that is required in a budget smartphone and even more. As for the ultrawide camera missing on this phone, see I personally mostly use the main camera on any phone because it is obvious that the main camera is better than other depth or macro or ultrawide cameras in terms of quality. Those 5MP or 8MP Ultrawide Cameras do not impress me anyway and they hardly matter at this price point because their quality is no where near to the main cam. As nowadays people want 3 or 4 Cameras in phone as it is trendy, every major brand is providing 3 or 4 cameras even in entry level phones no matter the picture quality in this price segment, Micromax has smartly given that and done well. As for the camera quality, it is very good for price. You can't say the design is copied, because it obviously is not but phones have the same shape (rectangular shaped) that's why you do not see circular shaped phones. Lol. As a user of this phone, I am impressed with its features and I believe it is value for money phone without any gimmicks. No brand is giving center punch hole camera at this price point but Micromax is. This is something new, like setting benchmark despite not being an industry leader. Other brands are still giving boring underpowered phones at this price despite being market leader. Micromax has started afresh with a bang. If it continues the momentum, it will soon have a good chunk of the market and then they will focus on building more complex high end phones. That's a good strategy I believe as launching high end phones without building the brand would be catastrophic. It is not a new player certainly. If one speaker is loud enough, what is the need for a second speaker and tell me which other phone is giving dual speaker under 10K? Please enlighten me. If I want to listen to music, I would use a Bluetooth speaker anyway. The speaker on this phone is very loud.