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Micromax In 2b

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  • Ritesh
  • Dk1
  • 27 Apr 2022

Worst phone and i regret that I purchased it. Fingerprint scanner is not working properly. No updates after September 2021.. what's the use of buying India phone when company doesn't caree about Indian people. It's better to go for other phones and stop purchasing Indian products

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    • Rajkumarsonkar
    • gMB
    • 12 Apr 2022

    Sometimes touch does not work and sometimes ghost touch problems happens. Very bad phone.

      Shibham, 03 Apr 2022I got this phone for my dad. He was complaining about scree... moreI am going to consumer forum soon.
      They have cheated we buyers in the name of India.

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        • Anon
        • KSg
        • 04 Apr 2022

        No software update since august. It came with android 11. Should have been updated to android 12 at this point. Micromax promised 2 major android updates for this phone.

          • S
          • Shibham
          • XSK
          • 03 Apr 2022

          Vic4BBM, 20 Feb 2022To support India and Indian manufacturers I got this phone.... moreI got this phone for my dad. He was complaining about screen flickering. At first, i thought that he wasn't being able to use i
          the phone properly as a one month old phone can't show screen problem and Micromax is an repute brand. But when I checked online. It is happening to many IN2B owners. Micromax hasn't done anything regarding this. They didn't push a single update since sept21 it is april22, at the time of writing. They don't care about their customers. From now on I won't but any Micromax product and will try to stop people from purchasing .

            To support India and Indian manufacturers I got this phone. Stock Android and 2 years of updates and support were other reasons that made me trust Micromax.

            But now it's more than 6 months that I have no updates or any security patch. It is giving me a feeling that Micromax is going back to its old habits of not providing with any updates.

            So now I feel cheated in the name of India and Indians.
            I will never ever trust Micromax again.

              Sahil, 05 Feb 2022I am facing similar issue with my phone. It detects my JIO ... moreSimply take your phone to nearest Service centre. They will do everything. It needs screen replacement and a software flashing.

              But honestly, I now feel cheated by Micromax. No updates for the phone since September 2021.

              I thought they must have learnt from the past. But it seems they are back to their same old ways. No updates.

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                • Sahil
                • 7kd
                • 05 Feb 2022

                Vic4BBM, 27 Nov 2021An update. Ghost touch can be software related or hardware... moreI am facing similar issue with my phone. It detects my JIO sim but the non google apps which are externally downloaded donot detect the internet connection of the sim.At the same time youtube videos are played on 1080p and without any buffering. could you please tell me what have you done exactly, coz i didn't understood .

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                  • hp7
                  • X}G
                  • 03 Feb 2022

                  In 2b has not call recording feature in built. Using third party app audio can't recorded properly

                    • k
                    • kailash sharma
                    • YQ$
                    • 17 Jan 2022

                    plzzz help i got ph. in august bt after sept.. updated new software than ph.. screen flikering nd touch problem too much....soo plzz help what i do

                      An update, I had to replace it's screen as well. It sorted out the problems. No ghost touch or screen freeze as of now.

                      But now it has no updates. Last one was in September.

                        Vic4BBM, 27 Nov 2021An update. Ghost touch can be software related or hardware... moreCongrats on that, at least it's fixed.

                          DevWarehouse, 26 Nov 2021Yes, this phone will do well for everyday calling and texti... moreAn update.
                          Ghost touch can be software related or hardware related.
                          Software related issue can be sorted out by flashing OS at their service center. Hardware needs repair.

                          I had come across a unique problem last week. My Phone stopped detecting JIO sim. It continued for a week. It was due to software problem. Software glitch prevented connection to frequency bands of JIO. Had to get software flashed again.

                          It's working fine now.

                            Vic4BBM, 03 Oct 2021It's a month's time that I am using this phone. ... moreYes, this phone will do well for everyday calling and texting. Ghost touch might happen frequently over time, just saying.

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                              • Truth
                              • 56I
                              • 21 Nov 2021

                              It's a good device ...I am using it ..it work great not hung ,

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                                • Rahul kumar
                                • Dk7
                                • 11 Oct 2021

                                This phone has no gyroscope 🤬

                                  It's a month's time that I am using this phone.
                                  It may not be like Pixel but it is very good for the price. Stock Android. It sometimes gives problem of ghost touch, but that happens rarely. I have been advised by customer service to visit service center and it will be sorted out.
                                  I do not play games on phone, hence cannot say anything about its gaming performance. But overall it's smooth and simple. Stock Android is way better than the overlaid Android skins. Camera is good, if not best, for the price.

                                  I am happy and would recommend it to those who have normal

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                                    • Sujay
                                    • 7km
                                    • 18 Sep 2021

                                    Yes , There is lagging issues. While launch more than one app or opening the same app . There is lag also some time it just stops and black screen.
                                    So micromax has to give a software update to fix this issue

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                                      • Minu
                                      • ter
                                      • 10 Sep 2021

                                      GeeSquer4U, 05 Aug 2021I don't know why people simply mock unisoc. What wrong... moreIt's sad that people have fallen to the hype and marketing lingo to debate on having less nm is better for phones. There are people who still flash LineageOS on 45nm phones like the ancient Galaxy S3 and it's not a big deal tbh. Imho Unisoc isn't bad (look at how big the sales of Galaxy J series phones while having Unisoc chipsets, I also had a Unisoc phone and it isn't that bad after all for an entry level phone), the hype of Chinese brands should come to an end from their inflated advertising and so do chipset makers like Qualcomm and Mediatek (reminds me of how Qualcomm basically forced people to buy SD820 phones after their problematic 810 just by advertising nm numbers).

                                        I used this phone 20 days. Initially it works fine after 5-August-2021 update facing touch issue also started screen flickering. If you have this model phone don't update it.