Micromax Q55 Bling

Micromax Q55 Bling

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  • papa

oh god if guys who are not all interested in the this phone y r u guys wasting time do your work and let others enjoy this HS because u ll find lots of people cribing about manythings

  • RAJ

its price is to cost......better we can prefer in nokia.it is branded....then micromax........

  • priya

ram, 05 Jun 2010Please dont ever think abt buying this phone...i bought it for R... more even i got d same prob i.e m unable to switchh frm headset profile to general profile

  • Anonymous

battery pack up is not so good...

it's very bad

  • david lovett

does anyone know how to set up settings for 02 in the uk for wap and mms? please help

  • Anonymous

whoever, 21 Jul 2010its looks amazing but too small to handle....pink colour one loo... moreHey is Bling Q55 available in pink colour in India? I have heard that it is but was able to find only the white and black ones in the market!!!

  • Anonymous

bad phone !!!! hangs a lot ..pl dont buy ..

  • rashi

Hi all

GOD! so many half baked comments floating around.
okay ill write below point wise to be clear.

1. its a market turner as far as looks are concerned no doubt about it. Case rested everybody agrees. wow factor is full on be prepared for compliments bombardement.

2. mirror was a master touch. its VERY useful :)

3. ITS an INDIAN COMPANY. please read. if you will just open its website ull find.

and for godsake stop cribbing about chinese comps..
IPhone is made in china and ull grovel and stand in line for it.

4. Bluetooth is perfect, tranfer files from my lappy and other phones in seconds.

5. GPRS! ok lot of whining here abt it. it works!
please read instructions abt how to install things ok..may be they said go to menu then services then etc..
and ull b like where d hell is services.. what cc exec meant was connectivity icon.

6. earphone sound quality and volume is awesome.. it rocks..there is even surround effect.
Beware. the fm once turned on speaker will play both on speaker and ears.. so next time u plug in earphones and start fm it will b playing on both:) u might want to check this while playing in library:)

7. UI is sweet.or rather i should say graphics.

8. Watched movie on the phone and m totally ok with it.

9. screen width makes typing a smooth and loving excercise.. i have discovered i love texting now..
10. its wide screen makes web page viewing fun:)

11. Camera quality? hey its nice for 2 mp and for a phoen u r getting for 5.5K . considering there are ppl carrying 20 K phones with just 3 or 5 mp cameras.


1. mic postioning is not clear so i can hear others very clearly but sometimes recivers say my voice is very low..

2. too many steps required for simple stuff.

3. cant set user ringtones for msg ;p

4. NOT for guys :D

sincere request to users plz research and then post around as we all turn to other users for serious questions of purchase..
awesome gift:)

VERDICT: will definitely suggest others to buy.

  • ricky

i gt this phone last month since then i am havin lots of problems. on day one i gt some very slight disturbances in the ear phone. After a week the mic got some malfunctioning. the voice is not going through the mic to the receiver at the other end. And the ear volume is so low that u cant hear properly in a crowdy place, so i really had a bad experience with this phone. N i regret buying it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010can sum1 tel me it says its expandable to 8gb....so does it cu... moreit does not come with a memory card however if you want then it can be extended upto 8 gb for sure...

  • Sagar

Micromax Terminator, 20 Jul 2010hey buddy, u forgot to add abt d in-built speaker volume (in d n... moreWell buddy, no such problem with the fone, speaker volume is perfectly fine. May be you landed up with a bad piece... plain bad luck i guess.

  • Sagar

david, 20 Jul 2010can i know the screen clarity as it is because qvga resolutionHi David,

the screen resolution is passable, nothing great.
eg: click a tree 200 meters away, on the screen you'll see only a green mass and not well defined leaves.

  • whoever

its looks amazing but too small to handle....pink colour one looks the best ....

  • Sidh

is it worth to buy or not? as i have already heard about the low speaker volume and rubber band problem.

  • Micromax Terminator

Sagar, 20 Jul 2010Hi Guys, I gifted a bling to my wife the other day and i wish... morehey buddy, u forgot to add abt d in-built speaker volume (in d negatives column) which is far tooooo low... d basic work of any handset is to talk after all; if dis basic need is achieved wid such difficulty, wat d fuck is d phone for... i hv personally witnessed myself shouting on my phone when i was talking to my g/f who had a Bling... its a fuck-all phone n it sucksss big time... a request to all d ladies "just dun go for d looks"; pls hv a look at d over-all package...
A very sincere suggestion to all : pls visit d Micromax service centre before buying any of dere handsets... u will never buy any Micromax handset den n i can bet my life on it... I REST MY CASE!!!

  • curter

Is MicromaX an indian company? or Chinese ?
never heard of it :S this brand's phones are just show off, usability rating => 0.0

  • david

Sagar, 20 Jul 2010Hi Guys, I gifted a bling to my wife the other day and i wish... morecan i know the screen clarity as it is because qvga resolution

  • Sagar

Hi Guys,

I gifted a bling to my wife the other day and i wish to share the following observations on the phone:

1)out of the world looks and fantastic finishing work, had a big impact on my wife and her girl pals went beserk!
2)Decent OS interface, easy to use and comprehand, interface similar to older LG phones
3)Battery lasts a day, you need to charge everyday
4)Sound quality of the music playback, both on the speaker as well as the headfones was nice (however you should not compare it with sony ericsson walkman series... ;))
5) Average 2 MP camera, performs well compared to the phones in the same pricing range, however camera software could have been better

1) Bad video quality
2) file manager software could have been better, it works ok, but there are too many key presses to accomplish a simple task
3) WAP/GPRS needs to be manually set-up and was quite bemusing for the wife
4) audio player can be minimised, but if you need to maximise again, you need to go through the entire menu
5) Feels very fragile and small in my large palms, but no complaints here.... its strictly made to fit into the delicate and beautiful palms of a lady :)

A nice reasonably priced phone to delight your lady love, however, if you are a guy, go for similarly priced and well tested phones from Nokia/Samsung/LG.

  • kanta

its a very girlish type cell and not suitable for guys

  • Nids

Alankrutha, 07 Jun 2010I just wanted to buy a new mobile..As per the below comments 75%... moreHi.. I have bought this phone 2 days back.. Battery back up is good.. Looks wise its awesome..

But the major problem is with its volume.. Its in-built volume strength is toooo low.. sometimes its hard for me to listem throught it.. When ever im in the office, Its like impossible to talk from my seat.. :(