Micromax Q5 fb

Micromax Q5 fb

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  • amar

guys camera are not working in long time,please don't buy,also mobile always hang after 5-6 months

  • kumar

I want micromax Q5 mobile plz present price

  • Anonymous

no silent mode option
can not create multiple playlist inside music player.

  • Ranjith

both nimbuzz and facebook r waste in micromax q5

  • Anonymous

what hell phone this is ...... in my cell after removing headset also ... the pofile is not activating general mode .... i have problm with this ...

  • AnonD-13791

yah .. its a xcelent set in this range .....i advice that if u want a hand set in this range then dunt go to nokia etc ...... its sound quality huhh osum...track ball problem did not occured in 1 year ( i m using it from abut 1 year) ....... gud camera,sound quality ,features ,functions ...over all gud set

  • sourav

it is very beautyful and stylish mobile.i use it .u can buy this mobile.

  • kanna

im using this phn since 1yr and absolutely great phn..at its price

  • Ayush

Jagadish, 15 Oct 2011I have Micromax Q5 since 1 year. barring other problem the tracb... moresee frnd...m using the same set 4 the last 1.5 yrs....nd the trackball problem is common....but there is a way 2 solve this problem. jst go 2 the market n buy spirit. its a solution to clean the dust which has entered through the trackball way inside...jst open the set with a screwdriver n open the trackball compartment...clean the compartment with brush...n after that use the spirit 2 clean ur trackball...clean all the 4 magnet sets presant in trackball comp. after cleaning it ur trackball would work fine.

  • Dr.

FAKE WASTE HANDSET , Better throw your money to drain. These are Stamped C category Chinese phones . WORST MICROMAX SEVICE .

If you want to buy semi branded phones , then you can go for SPICE . It is much better.

Even MAXX is better than micromax .

  • Jagadish

I have Micromax Q5 since 1 year. barring other problem the tracball problem is very prominent. I have this problem for last 2 months cursor does not move downward which make problem in operating it. What is the solution of this problem. the other problem is it's cd driver not working in window 7 so it make difficult to log on computer through micrmax Q5. Give the solution of this pb. where is service centre in Patna and how many days the trackball pb. will sorted out by service centre

  • Rebek

It's really the waste of money. Don't buy this phone.
The pc suite doesn't work & never connects with the phone.
Also only 700 sms can be stored at a time.So, you have to delete the msg after this capacity.
Track ball is also problematic frequently.

So, don't buy this phone

  • Lokesh Bhatt

Micromax Q5 lookes like interesting before buying, but it is totally waste of money as it shows his own quality after 5-6 months. There are lot of problem in this phone since i am using this cell from last one year, i have already visited service center 3 times. It has problem with Trackball, it has problem with Audio Jack, it also have problem in sms storage capacity. it can only store few sms's. and the very sad point is it's have an bad option called "Delete all" by mistake if you will click on this option, your inbox will be empty within a second.

after all my advice is never go for Micromax Q5.


  • AnonD-25917

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2011the track bol is not working down worth and another problem is t... morewell my trackball doesnt work on any side..
for the handsfree problem, plug in the headfone again n then push it in a bit.. off the fone n remove the head fone n then start the fone..
if that doesnt work, jst plug it in a remove it a few time till it gets detected.. those two ways worked for me..

  • Anonymous

The facebook midlet suite application in dis fone is totally fake.....
it nvr wrks!!!!!!


nice one
liked it . good network browsers
yep, buy it

  • Tushar

santosh, 27 Sep 2011This will works for windows XP Copy the CD (phone suite to PC... moreMicromax Q5 cell is 9C. Look is 9C.

  • Gullu

The very next day you will feel .. throughing out in dustbin.. so better dont go on price.... i got remind the author words now.... Dont buy things..u really wanted... juz bcos its cheap...

  • Shubham

Trackball problem solved !!
*do it at your own risk...i've done it so i m telling...but it works for sure...
1.open the fone completely
2.take out the trackball
3.remove the steel panel of trackball carefully
4.inside on 4 screws u'll see lots of dust..clean it.
5.screw back evrything as it ease
6.ur trackball is now ready to work

  • Anonymous

santosh, 27 Sep 2011This will works for windows XP Copy the CD (phone suite to PC... moreit is very usless mobile
He can creat trackboll problem after 6 month
my oprnion this is bad mobile