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  • Anonymous

hi...can any guy tell me Q7 have option of send to many or sending sms to group...plz plz tell me.......

  • Anurag Singh Baghel

1. Frequently, my Q7 set detects new time zone settings. And if that time keyboard is locked which it is most often, nothing works, you have to remove battery which is not easy; you may damage your phone.

2.Wifi receiver is poor. I am getting "Very Poor Signal" strength for WiFi networks which are easily accessible at high speed through other devices.

3.Few applications like FM and Music Player have controls which are not associated with any key and are inaccessible/unusable.

4.Customer care is silent on above problems.

5.Visibility of marks on keys is poor on silver colored model.

  • Jack Bangalore

Got this black Q7 yesterday for Rs 4850/- in Bangalore. Overall, this is a good phone at a low price band offering dual sim, gprs, wifi with qwerty support. Configuring Wifi & GPRS was manual, but pretty straight forward. Was able to install a few sample java apps from the internet on the phone on the fly without any issues. Even upgraded Opera Mini from V4.2 to V5.1 and realised that the QWERTY keyboard does not work with it (works with the T9 functionality tho) & rolled back to v4.2 again. So, software management is pretty decent.

Coming to comparisons: Do not expect this to be inline with the Nokia E series phones. They keypad is tacky, "." is to be accessed with sym key, menu & back buttons are nt witty, prompts for sim1/sim2 each time inspite of using the correct call button (for SIM1 or SIM2), etc.

Coming to the problems:
1. General - software interface issue: when updating any text field in the browser in this phone, it does not let you key in the details directly into the URL address bar (for example). If you want to type www.gsmarena.com, you hv to select the www. text box. Press edit button, this throws up a select symbol option to which you need to scroll to. Select this "select sym"option and this pops up a white screen. press the menu button again & you can enter your URL & then press OK.. this takes you backto the white screen again where you need to press OK again. Now, it accepts the URL in the address listbox of Operamini. Now, press menu again to connect to this URL. Phew - Do you see how difficult it is? Ideally, once you are at the URL box, you should be able to type and press connect.

2. Still not being able to figure out how to select WLAN or GPRS for browsing in Opera4.2. By default it is using the GPRS connection which is on SIM2. Guess there should be some selection setting, but its not very evident. Have to figure out how this is configured. Ideally, when any application is connecting to the internet, it should pop up the list of internet options & allow the user to select OR let the user set the default.

3. Other than Opera, I have installed Ebuddy (LG KE770 shine model is what is used by Nimbuzz here) and I have no clue of how to make it work with WLAN. Even this installed app is working via GPRS. Guess this is some setting which need to be figured out now.

4. Typical China mobile software. Only the startup screen has a Micromax logo.

5. Sound on the speakers is "loud" & not really of a great quality to speak about. Mentioning this because the website talks of yamaha powered audio here.

6. Voice volume on the speaker during the call is pretty low. Even at max volume, you may not be able to hear well esp when you are outdoors.

1. Good phone with packed features for the pricepoint it is available.
2. Only phone meeting the requirements of Dual-SIM + WLAN + QWERTY features
3. Ideal for people upgrading from a low end phone to a feature packed model. But for people moving from a quality branded phones(like Nokia or SE), this may not suit their taste around its voice quality, its build and its touch & feel. This is certainly a NO for people who have a higher end phone (like a Nokia E series for example) and want to explore this phone due to a dual SIM qwerty phone.

Wish Nokia could release their E63 & E71 models with a dual sim versions so that it covers the expectation of business phone with two SIMs.

  • khan

hi frnds i going to purchase mmq7...this is good or not....?pls reply me.........

  • mandeep

hi...can any guy tell me Q7 have option of send to many or sending sms to group...

  • jeetu

pandiyan, 07 Jul 2010How to use WIFI in this mobile ? Can any one help me.... plsss.Press the Space/WiFi Button and hold. It will show available wireless networks. Click and enter password of that network to connect. Press Space/WiFi button again to disconnect and turn off the adapter.

  • Anonymous

Didn't understand why they reduced the battery capacity from 1000 mAh to 800 mAh?

Nevertheless, I am eagerly waiting for a 3G version - Q9 adding a 5 mpx camera, with dual LED flash, video recording at 30 fps, 3G with a secondary front camera and a good 1500 mAh Li-Po battery - added to the existing features of Q7.

  • Anonymous

Howz the voice qualitiy in Headset, HandsFree and in Mobile during calls, as well as Music PlayBack.

  • Campus

How to use Opera Mini without wi fi ???

  • vijayan

How about the net connectivity with Q7? Can we stay connected and can we configure our emial IDs? multiple email IDs?


Opera Mini 5.1 is Working Fine with Vodafone GPRS.
U can enter new url by edit in fullscren mode.

  • clinton

shawn777, 12 Jul 2010hey can anyone plz tell me how to fast forward audio songs in mi... moresee 1st u format ur mem card den ull get a fouler my music copy nd paste songs in dat foulder, then onpen ur music player>options>setting>put it to mem card nd den seee itll work

  • syed

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2010How to set AM & PM in Time Settings?set time formet to 12..and correct the time..if the time is 7.00 p.m .then correct the time to 19.00...now u see the p.m

  • prairit

Ashish , 02 Jul 2010Micromax q7 is best it brousing and surfing speed is 48kbps so... morehey u have to install opera mini 5.1 in ur micromax Q7 and it works

  • Backya, manavai 9176

not bad 2 use dis phon, But some of d workin styl s like china mob, And am damn sure it's fully supported wit net but still i cant access d inbuilt nimbus in ma phon,,, when i open it alwys showing a loadin page

  • Backya, manavai

not bad 2 use dis phon, But some of d workin styl s like china mob, And am damn sure it's fully supported wit net but still i cant access d inbuilt nimbus in ma phon,,, when i open it alwys showing a loadin page

  • Anonymous

Gaurav , 16 Jun 2010I've got a micromax Q5 & Q7 worth the cost what more can u e... morem also usin q5 sinc las 2 months...so far no prob exept trackball...its nt going dwn...

  • Anonymous

Mohammed, 09 Jul 2010Hi Guys, Planning to go for Q7, How is the video clarity and so... moreim using Q5...its vry gud fone...so eider chose q5 or go wid Samsung corby mate...dont go wid q7 coz of its price...

  • shawn777

hey can anyone plz tell me how to fast forward audio songs in micromax q7???
i have tried everything but it isn't working
plz help