Micromax W900

Micromax W900

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  • Akash from nepal

Micromax w900 is launched it nepal(today)but i didn't know it prices if prices is between rs.13,000-14,000 than it hit nepali market or go for htc touch viva at rs.17,000(nepali constumers)if you want good windows mobile 6.1

  • gaurav

battery backup is very bad.
camera is also not good.

  • shayan

5800 eh?

  • Anonymous

just look at the front design! a 5800 rip off!

  • asidillo45

micromax has a future in smartphone the firs thing they should do is to change the logo.. intead of micromax that is long why not put...mm its sound more high tech.. more power m.m.

  • GANU 3G

a very good fone ,,better than the htc ,,waiting for a 3g model ,,,very good features and replacement guarantee

  • Parmar -

Great Phone

  • sagar

i have q5,, in q5 msg tone can only be set wich are preloaded , we cant set a mp3 tone as msg tone ..

does this fone also have de same problem ?

  • smmaurya

honey singh, 17 May 2010not a good phonewhat is the problem with phone? i m also willing to purchase this.

  • honey singh

not a good phone

  • Deep

Rs. 7000/ in india...

  • paramesh

Creatar, 14 May 2010Hi Folks, I've used the W900. Its the most economical wind... moreHi
please, let know how good is this phone w 900.
planning to buy one today. mail me @

  • Creatar

Hi Folks,
I've used the W900. Its the most economical windows smart phone.
Its loaded with Voice navigation GPS from Mapmyindia. So it doesnt need GPRS to guide you thru. Even when you want to go for another phone in the future this can be the GPS for the car. Only drawback is it doesnt have 3G. Its got wifi, edge, 2 MP camera which isnt very good. The touch screen is good. Mine came with SPB Mobile shell loaded. So its got a iphone feel to it. It can record a phone call. Speakers are decent.
You can navigate thru the phone easily. You can personalize the phone according to how you want it. It give you 10 screen to put your goodies and reach it easily. I've used Microsoft My Phone to sync over the air and work very well.
On the whole Micromax is going to take the market with their cost effective policy. i've bought 2 till now and its stayed with me for max 5 days before my friends take it off me. Its definitely my "OTHER" phone.
Have fun.

  • Anonymous

There is a craze for DUAL SIM mobiles in India these days and 3G by private players is around the corner.

So which ever company is the first to come out with a reasonably priced 3G mobile with DUAL SIM is expected to grab a large share in the mobile market in India.

Micromax is already manufacturing DUAL SIM mobiles.Besides this they are also manufacturing 3G cards for BSNL.So they should think of integrating both the technologies and come up with a 3G DUAL SIM mobile soon.

  • Ronin

What a fake phone, its seems like this company purchased some nokia 5800 panels cramed some electronics in it..

  • andre

visit the website www.micromaxinfo.com you shall get all the details out there. for an indian company i think there do pretty good.being at number in the country.

  • Rotanguli

Now Micromax has become a respectable brand in India. So please do not copy the designs and the UI from Nokia and other big companies.

  • a

some of the micromax phones have poor video players. does anybody know about the new micromax w900 video player.

  • Sam

How do i order this handset from UK ? can anyone please give me some details please. thank you

  • Vijay

i use micromax x360 mtv mobile everything is good but head set has a problem due to a smallbend in the pin which we insertand i want to know the price of W900 its also amazing viewers be INDIAN and buy INDIAN.