Micromax X226+

Micromax X226+

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  • Anonymous

swetha, 27 Mar 2013does it has bluetooth? but in specifications its mentioned ... moreNo......... not at all

  • sunny

It's nice phone,alos have strong battery life,please puchase it

  • Raihan Mahmood apon

Hey frnds it doesnot support bltooth, gprs, edje

  • swetha

does it has bluetooth? but in specifications its mentioned no blutooth?????? can any1 tel me this..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2013Micromax X226+ has bluetooth.I'm sure.It has no bluetooth

  • Anonymous

Micromax X226+ has bluetooth.I'm sure.

  • yesubc

My Cell Phone( Micromax X226+) does not work network and display.

  • Anonymous

MOIN, 14 Feb 2012my panel has broken i did not get it anywhere in apx226 phone is good. the body of my phone has warped duw to excess heat.
from where can i purchase parts in sri lanka ?
g. rama (071-224 7087)

  • Anonymous

amgad, 13 Jul 2012I am a young Arab Hazh I've purchased the device from India... moreDue to excess heat the body of my X226 phone has warped and now does not close properly.

from where can i purchase a body kit ?

Tks .
gamini ramanayake
071-224 7087 (sri Lankan)

  • amgad

I am a young Arab Hazh I've purchased the device from India and I want to get on the Arabization of descent of the device where the program of Arabization please????

  • AJAY

Micromax X226 is realy good mobile i lost my old cell and now still i want that same model... its awesome in affordability and

  • MOIN

my panel has broken i did not get it anywhere in ap

  • Aveesh

Everything is nice but the earphones have ordinary sound compared to micromax psych's headphones which has remarkable sound

  • yozenbalki

nadim, 28 Jul 2011hi all. here is a very brief review of Micromax X226+....be... moreDecent comment!
I will buy one micromax x226plus now!
I sent you a personal mail.

  • abhishek

its doesn't have blootooth and gprs connection

  • ssssssssssssss

jokey, 14 Aug 2011what is current prize today this model 2000/- is enough

  • ssssssssssssssssss

rapchik phone

  • Sameer

Hey Guy,s This mobile has bluetooth
Apasrt from that this is an awasome phone no problems at all

  • jokey

what is current prize today this model

  • nadim

hi all. here is a very brief review of Micromax X226+....before i start, pls all do not use bad language in your comments, especially when you are wrong. The one who used "nloody hell it has not bluetooth" is totally wrong. first this is not nice language and second, the phone has bluetooth.
I only hope from the webmaster in this site to delete any bad language in comments.
the first thing that struck me about the this phone is its powerful battery. It lasted me seven days on a single charge. the second great thing is its very loud music player and video player. I would not say the camer and video recorder are great, but for a phone of this price range, they are not too bad.
the phone is equipped with a very powerful flashlight, a very bright screen and very nicely spaced and bright buttons. one of the best features is that it has a wireless FM radio and its really very loud and cleear. The handset's phonebook has a capacity for 1,000 names and 500 SMS messages. Its built-up memory is very low but it can take an expadable memory card. finally the phone can take two sim cards that work at the same time and I think at this price, Micromax 266 is one of the best handsets I have ever used and tested.
for any query, pls e mail me on nkawach@hotmail.com