Microsoft begins rolling out Office visual refresh

Ivan, 03 December 2021

Microsoft is rolling out the visual update it gave to insiders back in July to its regular Office users. Both 365 and licensed versions on Windows are getting the refresh now.

The update is matching Windows 11's visual style with rounded window corners and the option to use a dark theme (or sync the theme with your Windows).

Microsoft begins rolling out Office visual update

The Quick Access Toolbar (the one at the very top) has been hidden by default, but you can bring it back with a right-click on the ribbon and a check the Show Quick Access Toolbar option.

You can tell you've gotten the visual refresh if there's a 'megaphone' icon in the top right of your Office window. In it, there's a Coming Soon feature that enables the visual refresh.

The visual refresh is available and you can enable it in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote. Toggling the new design in these four apps will also change the look of Access, Project, Publisher, Visio and Outlook, though you can't untoggle it in those apps.



Reader comments

  • Anonym

Try the many alternatives out there and then understand why this "failure" is by far the most used Office suite in the world, despite being the most expensive option in the space. Maybe if you only write text you can get by with the alterna...

  • Anonymous

Office was when it was in its infancy as simple as Google Docs few decades ago, and that's exacly why Google Docs is far behind in market share than Office today.

That's weird that you point out Microsoft spying and suggest to use Google... At least Microsoft doesn't sell gathered information to third parties. And let's be honest: Office is superior than competitors in terms of usability. This s...

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