Microsoft boasts about battery life on Edge browser VS other top browsers

20 June, 2016

Today, Windows released a new ďexperimentĒ on its blog to promote its own built-in browser that may users may be hesitant to fully switch to (me included). Itís important for Microsoft to up its own browser game, especially since itís already installed on every Windows 10 machine in the world.

The experiment in the video was quite simple but perhaps not realistic or valid in all situations. Four identical laptops were placed side by side and all were left streaming a video. Once the test started, all four laptops were unplugged and the video kept streaming. Then the time it takes for each laptop to run out of battery is recorded and compared.

Source: Microsoft

Much like the way we test battery life for phones, itís really difficult to objectively test something as subjective as the way a person uses their phone. Itís personal to them. Browsers are similar in that different people have different needs from their browser when they need to rely solely on battery life. Some people might need to perform work on battery *raises hand* and some people might just be enjoying a night in and browsing for plane tickets on the couch. Every situation, no matter how different, might yield a different result than the last time.

Microsoft has to do a little more than prove battery life when it comes to browsers. Microsoft needs to offer the same or more than the other top browsers in order to compete with them. We hope Microsoft updates the Edge browser with more features in its upcoming Windows anniversary release. Would you switch to Edge solely based on the battery life it claims to add to your laptop?

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