Microsoft Edge browser will get native ad-blocking support

Himanshu, 31 March, 2016

At its ongoing Build 2016 conference, Microsoft has confirmed that the next version of its Edge Web browser will include native ad-blocking support. This will make Edge one of the few exiting Web browsers - the list currently includes Opera (developer edition) and Brave - that offer such a feature.

Aside from native ad-blocking, there are many other features that the new version will bring along, such as support for extensions and integrated Bing translator. It's worth mentioning that Microsoft Edge currently has a very low market share - the figure stood at around 1.5% in December last year.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I support sites with ads but some websites are just shameless with ads and JavaScript bloatware, especially when they become top visited. This is great! Now they will think about ads they put on their sites!

  • at

Firefox private mode has inbuilt native addblocker

  • Anonymous

Is that free?

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