Microsoft Edge now available publicly on iOS and Android

Prasad, 30 November 2017

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android is finally out of private beta and available for everyone. Users on iOS and Android can go to their respective stores and should be able to download it freely.

As far as browsers go, there certainly isn't any shortage on either platforms, not even considering the excellent options that come by default. Still, if you are an Edge user on Windows 10 and wanted an easy way for your browsing history, passwords, logins, and open tabs to sync on your smartphone, Edge on mobile does exactly that. It's a browser for dedicated Edge users on desktop to carry their browsing experience with them when they shift to their phones.

You can download Edge for iOS and Android from the links below. If you can't download it yet or don't see the final stable release, give it some time to roll out in your region.

App StorePlay Store


Reader comments

  • Angry Bird

They should bring Windows Mobile back. All this already existed on WM and worked flawlessly.

  • Carol

Cause is a despicable browser. If you want at least a bit of common sense browsing when comes to privacy, combine firefox with duckduckgo. This is one reason you want to change well, there are also many of why people should stop using android, but we...

  • Carol

Look who's talking about un-education:))))). The master. You funny. Now go teach your self some truth.;). P.s do not rely on what you believe in nothing you do. IS WRONG!

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