Microsoft Launcher Beta gains Copilot functionality

Peter, 28 May 2024

Microsoft is embracing AI as a key part of modern operating systems and has launched the Copilot+ PC program for Windows devices like the new Surface Laptop. As for smartphones, the company has found a way to bring Copilot to Android’s homescreen with an upcoming version of Microsoft Launcher.

It’s currently in beta, so you will have to join the beta program if you want to try it out right now. Or you can wait for testing to complete and jump on the stable version.

Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration
Microsoft Launcher (beta) with Copilot integration

You can start a chat with the AI using the Bing/Copilot button in the search widget. And the latest version of the beta also integrates Copilot in the Feed (the leftmost homescreen pane) where the Glance and News tabs currently live.

Here’s what the changelog has to say:

  • - Effortless Access: Copilot is now just a swipe away, ready to assist you with answers and content creation.
  • - Creative Power: Generate images and text directly from your mobile feed using simple words.
  • - Pro Performance: For our Copilot Pro users, enjoy a more responsive and swift interaction.

When using Copilot, you can type in your questions or you can use voice input. Additionally, you can open an image from your gallery and ask questions about it. However, Copilot is currently quite limited in what it can do – we asked it to set an alarm or turn off the phone’s Wi-Fi and it couldn’t do that.

Copilot will gain more functionality in the future through plugins. Currently, there are only three available: Search (enabled by default), Instacart (you can ask about recipes and meal plans) and Kayak (search for flights, stays and car rentals). If Copilot becomes popular on Android, we should see more companies build plugins for it.

If you want to try the new Microsoft Launcher with Copilot integration, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Note that you need to enroll in the Beta program. Also, the initial version we downloaded was older, so make sure to check for updates after the initial install (we got a new version just 5 minutes after enrolling into the Beta program).


Reader comments

  • Anonymous A
  • 02 Jun 2024
  • tZj

I love Microsoft Launcher because it has backups, so I don't lose my arrangement. I can use different devices without having to arrange everything again.

I've been using Microsoft launcher for a couple of years now. It is really good. I'll give the beta a shot. I the other hand I've found that Copilot (chatgpt in Microsoft disguise) gives wrong answers for nearly 30% of my questions. ...

Well, copilot won't go anywhere on Android as Google Gemini will be the default in the future.

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