Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual SIM

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I can not open my whats app and email.

  • Babel

I can't set the front camera flash light

  • Anonymous

hi, am using microsfoft lumia 430dual sim which contains very importants document and informations, unfortunatly for me the screen smashed and becuase of that i couldn\\\'t unlock it and it has given me to try again after 2155643 minutes. please i need help to unlock it.

  • mr blue

my lumia 430 does not have wps entry for wifi router direct connection what is the other option to connect to a secured network without probably using a password?

I've seen feature phones with better cameras. This is embarrasing.

  • MR.D

bx, 28 Aug 2017Sir i have little prb my lummia430 showing green line top of scr... moreSame issues if you got the solution plez let me know.

  • MR.D

Hi im having a problem to use my mobile im getting a selected yellow colour squre shape in my phone when i used, Ihave update in my cortana setting to guide me if there is screen lock so i cannot use my mobile the yellow colour box is always coming to select what ever the option i try to use and also i cannot switch off my mobile immediately. Cortana tells that double tap to active and triple tap to expand its really dissapointing me. How can i over come from this ?

  • window fans

Can't transfer file through bluetooth after upgrading to window 10

  • jai

Irfan, 12 Nov 2018Download upgrade advisor from store and follow the instructions.Pro

  • Irfan

windows fans, 29 Aug 2018Hello pls how do i upgrade my window 8.1 to window 10. I just ne... moreDownload upgrade advisor from store and follow the instructions.

  • masum_77

my lumia 430 bluetooth connects and releases instantly the device, cannot find the way how to project my screen to a big display; please answer

  • khawar

its a good phone I recentlu upgraded it to indow 10. after upgrade itd functions have become more user friendly . to upgrade download upgrade advisor and then follow the steps its easy. the problem is after upgrade lumia 430 is not connecting with my laptop. any solution please.

  • theophilus

My Lumia 430 fail to create Microsoft account

  • windows fans

IRFAN , 08 Mar 2018After updating to windows 10 14893.10.2007 mobile working proper... moreHello pls how do i upgrade my window 8.1 to window 10. I just newly have a window 8.1 phone.

  • theophilus

My Lumia Windows 430 fail to take apps and to install all

  • kutsboy

My Lumia is not working. On Facebook what could be the problem

  • Ezekiel

My microsoft lumia cannot send any message what can be the problem?


After updating to windows 10 14893.10.2007 mobile working properly with all apps

  • D.r.a.k.e

nayakara, 25 Feb 2018This phone is good..but messenger app is not working .. Facebook... moreAwesome after updating through upgrade advisor good for games and app are he'll of awesome btw typing with Lumia 430 dual sim.

  • nayakara

foys, 05 Jun 2017I wanna buy it can some tell me is that a goos phone or noyThis phone is good..but messenger app is not working .. Facebook is not working..😭