Microsoft Lumia 550

Microsoft Lumia 550

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  • John

My favorite phone...had other phones but this was best for me even though it's slow,has bugs, few applications. I hopped Microsoft would have continued,but.....

  • fonejacker

Ricky, 02 Feb 2019How good is this fone then.heard apps like Facebook and messenge... moreI dont know about that, im able to use facebook on this phone if went online, whatsapp app wont be supported on this phone anymore which is a real shame, i loved using it a lot. Now i have to change phone to continue using whatsapp.

  • Anonymous

Software is buggy.
Very dark screen bug cant change at all.
Freezes sometimes annoying.
Turns off randomly (3 year old battery is the reason most likely).
Cant share tether internet to a pc with usb connection.
No apps, very few from ms store.
Only browser is out dated Edge.
Buy a phone that gets lineage os and has cheap services. Batteries die in about 3 years depending on mAh size and usage habits.

Ricky, 02 Feb 2019How good is this fone then.heard apps like Facebook and messenge... moreBuy an Android or iOS, don't waste money on this. W10m will get official support until december of this year, after that probably there is no guarantee that the store will be online for much longer and then you can't install apps.

Even the iPhone SE or any cheap Android One are more useful than this phone.

  • Ricky

How good is this fone then.heard apps like Facebook and messenger aren't this correct???and is this better or worse than the 650

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018I have it since February 2016, still works but sadly camera isnt... moreA little update on my post from a few months back..

I hated this phone but have bought an android phone and I have to say THIS was the best phone I have ever used! Android is awful!

At the time I bought it, it was the cheapest 4G phone in my country, the OS was fast (some apps were a pain though) and it had a very good display and camera.. For 100€ it is(was) the best phone ever!!
And it is very durable, I dropped so many times and it worked just fine but I killed the camera with water..

  • Anonymous

my microsoft is losing network y

  • AnonD-819322

This is the worst smartphone I have ever used, I prefer a HTC 7 Trophy from 2010... I blame the Snapdragon 210, the worst SoC ever.

  • Anonymous

Dead no apps

  • Anonymous

I have it since February 2016, still works but sadly camera isnt working... It was very good for a 120€ phone

Had this handset since launch still use it and works great since day I bought him.

  • shaggy

ravi, 22 Nov 2017after update this mobile is supported volte my jio sim work pr... moreWhich update my Jio sim work only data

  • Anonymous

Dreadful and temperamental ! Roll on end of contract!

  • koksy

Best windows phone ever used, easy to operate,only problem some little bug in the OS

  • Anonymous

AnonD-720145, 03 Dec 2017Worst phone i have ever used.Oh wait, trium mars was worst.So th... moreAgreed appalling

  • AnonD-730925

it tends to be warm when u stay in internet connection in long duration.

  • Anonymous

my microsoft 550 sometimes it restarts its solf ..y? en i cant see where to serch for an app in the play store. it takes me herd to get any app iwant

  • AnonD-724738

Tony, 23 May 2017I having a very wired problem! Its called BURN-IN when the phone... moreI think you've set the "glence screen" on while charging...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2017The phone *itself*, in my opinion, is great, especially for its ... moreWindows 10 is an os that has lost of bugs. It isn't finished by any means.

  • AnonD-720581

This is a Windows 10 phone, it needs to check for updates, internet connectivity is necessary. Wi-Fi is preferred over metered connections.
The rear camera (5MP) pictures are quite okay.
The phone is quite slim and handy.
Overall a fairly decent phone.