Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE

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  • Anonymous

Lumia 640 black good design good size encore

  • Inderjeet

Good phone but where are the service centres??

Worst Phone I have ever had.

  • Anonymous

JFP, 01 Oct 2018My phone is not ringing anymore so I can’t tell when I get ... morereset the phone back up files first

  • Pepeloy82

This phone also plays FLAC and ALAC files.

  • JFP

My phone is not ringing anymore so I can’t tell when I get calls or texts, have gone through my phone but I can’t seem to find out what the problem is can someone help

  • Ann

Hi my viber not ringing, what need to be done please ?

  • AnonD-709069

I can't download apps through stores. when I go through store with data that there sowing command, (SOMETHING BAD UNKNOWN LAYOUT SPECIFIED) command is appearing. some one can help me.

  • Thommy

My PC cannot read my phone , can someone help with some ideas.

  • Thommy

My cannot read my phone ,can someone help with ideas.

  • Yushin

aeroguyxo, 12 Dec 2016A nice phone but has several problems. I would not buy this... moreIn Japan you can buy Lenovo 503 LV, it is the cheapest Continuum enabled Windows 10 Mobile phone with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and Snapdragon 617 processor. It costs cheaper than this phone.

  • AnonD-666726

Hi guyz, i tried to reset my 640 XL yesterday in the morning but up to now it hasn't finished yet reseting,can anyone help please i dont know whats wrong with the proccess taking 2 full days without complition,HELP PLEASE!!!!

  • AnonD-482455

I bought this phone just when it's was released and I'm very happy because has really good battery life (2-3 days depending on the use) and is very simply to using.

  • Omid46

Dearest budget affordable economical inexpensive quality seeking devices.Here the price is mentioned $74 which is good for a phablet smartphone!But where and how to get it!!!?Thanks Microsoft itself answering it!!Justice thinking now that it is a right time for people of the low to average income majorities to have the last memories from Microsoft until when Microphones 1,2,3,...comes or 2025!!!Confusing circumstances!!!

  • Phabbs

very poor battery life,,,,battery drawns quickly witout ny use,,,,,cant charge the battery 100%

  • AnonD-658976

This IS worst phone. Don't but it. The mobile is full of bugs and have a lot of problems. It's camera clarity is bad, system does nor work faster, problem in its hot spot. Waste of money

  • MAH

Smurf G, 25 Jan 2017Love my 640 XL LTE. Good memory when you buy Sim card. Good... moreit would be better with a 3400 mah so you wont have to charge it all thew trik


  • Troglodyte

Rockettor, 07 Jan 2017Lot of problems in this phone 1. Lot of apps automatically... moreThat's not the phones's fault, that's an OS issue and it goes through all phones unfortunately. I switched back to Android after 3 years of using HTC 8x and 640XL, and I was more than happy with both. 640XL is an amazing phone in all aspects, unfortunately, Microsoft's support hasn't been quite acceptable lately. The only issue is that it has only 8Gb internal memory which leads to lack of space for future Win10 updates which are all ~1.2Gb. If you're using e-mail extensively like I do (Outlook was around 500Mb), and on the side social media, you will have to remove those Apps in order to apply the OS update.

  • Smurf G

Love my 640 XL LTE. Good memory when you buy Sim card. Good camera, great size. Have to charge the battery often. I'd be lost without it

  • Rockettor

Lot of problems in this phone
1. Lot of apps automatically closing
2. Very late for fully charge
3. Now i couldn't use facebook app & fb messenger.. It asking 2 gb ram,facebook beta also not working perfectly
4. After update windows 10 i coudnt change screen brightness
5. Sometime showing "charging slow"
6. Very late for open any apps...
7. After download the windows 10 charge goin quickly....

Only one this phone is not hot... And looking smart....