Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950

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  • yelnats

Are these phones still available in Kenya. Currently amusing Lumia 535 and I need an upgrade. Windows phone so far are the best.

northof62, 18 Jun 2019Just got an update as of 17th of June 2019. This phone still ha... moreAgree with you, I also received the latest update. The camera can still fight with newer Android smartphones of today. App gap is also not a problem for me and I love the fact that I can disable a certain app from running on background. Try to do that on standard Android.

  • AFD

What a shame. I am in the process of going Android after many years of Lumia 820/930 and 950. I will always remember what a nice operating system Windows was and how I enjoyed the phones. Android is a necessary evil to me! Will try my best.

Just got an update as of 17th of June 2019.
This phone still has some good specs compared to todays phones.
Very good 20 MP camera and 2K Amoled screen. Still copes well with most tasks and battery & heat problems are long gone. In 2015 it was ahead. Of course I'm missing out a few apps but using a website usually works and I dont have to worry so much about permissions.

  • Mich

Have had this phone for a short while, love it. I'm going to keep using it as long as i can, until it can't do its job anymore. I'm hearing that MS is killing Win 10 phone support in June 2019, and that apps will start going dark. It's a shame, as this is a really good phone, aside from the usual MS glitches. The 20mp camera is one of the best things about it. I think that if MS had stayed with mobile phones, especially with the great specs like this one, they eventually would get a bigger share of the market. Guess that's what we get for corporate greed.

  • Abir

Red, 04 Apr 2019Still using my Lumia 950 in April 2019. I'll eventually have to ... moreLOL...Having same problem here bro. :)

  • Red

Still using my Lumia 950 in April 2019. I'll eventually have to upgrade to another phone (probably a Nokia Android) by 2020, but I love this phone so much it will be hard to let go. The 20mp Zeiss Pureview camera and resolution quality are what keeps me on this platform. Even compared with my wife's iPhone 8, the Lumia produces better quality photos and a much more natural HD mode. After I find an upgrade I am probably going to still keep this around just for taking pictures.

  • Shi

Is it works 4g LTE network

  • ted

Microsoft Lumia 950 and Nokia: The first phone in 2015 with Type-C charge, iris scanner, wireless charging, continuum, glance screen, double tapping on screen for unlocking and relocking, and many other technologies, who came later in other operating systems. This Great 4 years old Phone i still using everyday as a daily driver. I waiting for the next level of technology from microsoft with a surface phone...

  • Jaber

No matter what happens I'm still using my windows phones. Perfect for pictures and only specific apps allowed... very secure.

  • Tmac

I have loved windows phones for years. I am not big on apps, so the lack of selection there doesn't bother me. However, I do take a lot of pictures. The way that windows handles organizing pictures by month and year, being able to navigate to any given month/year by just tapping, is invaluable to me. Also, the way the cloud works to back up all my files is awesome. My word, excel, and pdf files sync seamlessly with my surface tablet and desktop. Whenever I switch phones, I can use the "transfer my files" app to transfer contacts, and text messages. Additionally, the live tiles on the home screen make things much easier to navigate. I still have much love for the Windows phones!

Very decent specs for 2015 actually.

This phone would have been really good for 2015. It's just Windows 10 Mobile itself that ruins it. Very much a disappointment. :/

  • odigigi

i love windows phoneit ver strong so windows shouldnt stop cuz am a great windows fun

  • Anonymous

Hayk Avetisyan, 15 Mar 2018Ok thanks a lot. I was thinking of buying oneUmm why ? To text only

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2018I think Nokia 1 better has apps That's androids

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2018Well that's cuz obsolete now , few die hards live in hope. Phone... moreMy 5 yr old plays with it 1 app

  • Anonymous

Good in its day dead now n no apps

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2018How? No apps hardly ... In terms of entertainment apps, yes... hardly any. But I doubt if Windows Phone users are into entertainment.

  • Anonymous

customer review, 01 Feb 2018To those who think about buying Lumia 950 because other old Lumi... moreWell that's cuz obsolete now , few die hards live in hope. Phone just camera now...