Microsoft Outlook for iPad gains support to attach files with drag & drop

Peter, 21 October 2020

The latest version of Outlook for iPad supports drag & drop between apps in Split View, a feature that iPadOS introduced back in 2018. Still, better late than never as this can significantly improve up your workflow.

You can drag contacts from Search into the recipients list, then pick a few files from OneDrive, Files, Photos or Safari and drag them over as attachments for the email. This is new in Outlook version 4.60.0.

Microsoft Outlook for iPad gains support to attach files with drag & drop

Microsoft added Split View and Slide Over support to Outlook earlier this year (in February). Previously, you could only drag & drop text into the app.

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If android was far ahead you would not need to come to iOS articles to try make your desperate point :’D you yourself blamed the developer to. Microsoft created their own problem and fixed it, you’re the only one complaining though. It must be tough ...

iOS guys scream at the top of their lungs about app optimization on iOS/iPad OS. Yet when a particular app isn't optimized for their iPad OS, suddenly it is the app developers fault? The app developer had no issues optimizing it for Android. ...

Thank you for admitting that it’s Microsoft’s fault :) you’ve pretty much nullified anything you were trying to say :’D Nothing is flawless on android, so keep the Burnol man, you’d only be playing yourself giving it to me. But carry on trying to ...

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