Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 8.1 as the official name

17 March, 2014

We all knew Windows Phone 8.1 is coming. It has already leaked numerous times before in tips, screenshots and even detailed videos. Thanks to all those leaks we know a notification center with toggles is coming, a brand new voice assistant is on the way too, among other features.

But what will be the next Windows Phone version called? Well, its name is rather boring, though expected, and now confirmed officially - Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft has already started updating the compatibility section of the apps in the Windows Phone store. We can see Windows Phone 8.1 version above the previous Windows Phone 8. As it turns out most of the Windows Phone 8-copatible apps, if not all of them, are compatible with the next version of the OS. But don't expect those developed specifically to work with the WP 8.1 to be backward compatible due to the new APIs and services.

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be detailed on the upcoming Microsoft BUILD conference on April 2. The Developer's Preview WP8.1 update should be launched during BUILD, while the final version should become available to every WP8-compatible device out there a few weeks later.

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  • Cheated by Microsoft

Let us start "Money Refund Campaign against Microsoft Cheating" - Lumia 640xl is not usable for corporate work after Windows 10 - Memry Full. System Software, essential Microft Apps took more than 7Gb out of 8Gb memory. Phone crashing. Microsoft chea...

  • archu

Hello I have buy Lumia 640 xl On the faith that phone will have all apps but now I feel like cheated there is no call recorder and lots of apps facility sorry Microsoft u cheated ur costumer and make the fun of our feelings

  • Anonymous

Dears you all have done a great mistake that you showwd your confidence in windows and nokia and both of these guya have screwed you from back.