Microsoft Surface Duo passes by Geekbench, scores above other Snapdragon 855 phones

Michail, 20 August 2020

Microsoft’s Surface Duo will be up for grabs in a few weeks' time but we already have its first Geekbench run. The version in the test appears to be the base 6/128GB unit, powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset and its result is in line with that of flagships powered by last year’s SoC.

Surface Duo Geekbench result
Surface Duo Geekbench result

The Duo managed a 762 single-core score and 2,867 points in the multi-core department. A quick comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold which is powered by the very same chipset reveals the Duo managed slightly better multi-core performance by roughly 200 points. Overall, the Surface is managing similar Geekbench scores to Snapdragon 855+ phones. It remains to be seen how Microsoft optimized its phone to achieve the small performance gains.

If you’re interested to see how the Surface Duo looks on the inside, head this way for a teardown.

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usually making a comment on whatever subject implies at least a modicum of thinking and understanding of topic... :))))

A14 still can't do things that Android budget devices can, simply coz it is paired with iOS. All I can offer you is a box of tissues so that you can wipe your tears after the brutal beating that Apple took in the smartphone and PC war, both of...

But they are giving you two screens instead of one. I am pretty sure two screens cost more than one.

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