Microsoft Surface Hub gets delayed, becomes more expensive

Vlad, 22 December, 2015

The Microsoft Surface Hub was first showcased in January, yet the company still hasn't shipped any units. The touchscreen PC went up for pre-order in July, and it was first supposed to become available in September. That didn't happen, as it got delayed to January 2016.

And now it's been delayed again, in both 55-inch and 84-inch iterations. This time the release time frame has become a lot more vague too, with Microsoft only saying it will deliver the PC sometime during the first quarter of 2016. That could mean March 31, keep that in mind.

But wait, there's even more bad news. Accompanying the delay is an unfortunate price hike for the already very expensive device. Both models now cost $2,000 more than before. The 55-inch Surface Hub can be pre-ordered for $8,999 (up from $6,999), while the 84-inch unit goes for $21,999 (previously $19,999).

The only good news here is that Microsoft will honor the initial price for those who have already managed to pre-order their Surface Hub.

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  • Anonymous

One word: Vaporware.

  • Anonymous

yeah... like people think that white device is shet just because cant / dont have lots of games ~ even they already told not build for gaming .. just see what people used that device for what...

These are not really intended for the average consumer. If you had bothered to click on the link that they have provided, you would see that this product was intended for business use. For doing presentations seemlessly.

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