Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Type Cover going for under 700 in UK

Himanshu, 10 January 2017

If you are in the UK and are planning to purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, here's a deal for you: the Core i5/4GB/128GB variant of the device along with a Type Cover is currently going for 700.

You can follow the source link to take advantage of the deal. A quick look at Microsoft's online UK store reveals that purchasing the Surface Pro 4 model and the Type Cover will set you back around 960, meaning the promo saves you around 260.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Not a bad deal. I picked up a Surface Book the other day for my university uses. Website design/development, programming and some intensive graphical demands. Was bough with my student loan because why the fuck not. I use my gaming PC for everything ...

  • AnonD-631051

oh is it good enough fot running a effective 64 bit application?....cos mine is goood enough to destroy the universe 100times within second. i go by hear

  • AnonD-571052

Great Price, it is not toy like ipad or android tablet; good portability for professionals. it is question where you want to run assassins creed or temple run