Microsoft Teams surpasses Slack as most popular work collaboration app

Michail, 12 July 2019

Less than two years after it unveiled its Slack competitor dubbed Microsoft Teams, the app has overtaken Slack according to data from Microsoft. An estimated 13 million users are on Microsoft Teams daily while 19 million use it on a weekly basis across 500,000 companies.

Slack stated back in April that it’s enjoying 10 million daily users but hasn't updated us on adoption rates since. One of the reasons for Microsoft Teams' success is the fact that it comes bundled with Office 365 subscriptions giving it a sizeably larger user base, especially in the enterprise sector. Slack on the other hand is preferred by smaller businesses who rely on Google’s G suite for productivity.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how the battle in the office collaboration app world develops going forward and if Microsoft can keep up its lead.

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Reader comments

Teams is better than those two, but hell of expensive. Microsoft does not practice regional pricing policy, so Office 365 is available only to millionaires in developing countries.

  • six_tymes

The company I work for has hundreds of locations all over the US. With many thousands of employees, we have used Telegram, Slack and Microsoft Teams, the latest version of Microsoft Teams is hands down the best out of all three.

  • Carol

The majority of the companies need Office licenses, and well when you buy, why not office 365 for companies? And well that one comes with teams, perfect enviroment for ms to force teams into peoples pc's. Well, slack needs an update, fast.

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