Microsoft to open flagship store in London on July 11

Michail, 30 May 2019

Microsoft is gearing to bring its flagship store experience to Europe this July with its upcoming Oxford Street retail store. The new retail location will be housed in a three-story building in the heart of London.

Inside, visitors will have access to the latest Microsoft products thanks to the interactive zones allowing customers to experience products like HoloLens and the latest from the Surface and Xbox lines.

The Answer Desk will let you bring in any device running Microsoft services regardless of brand and operating system for repairs and advice. The store will also offer a community theater, open spaces for STEM courses, and other free year-round workshops. In addition, Microsoft will hold special gaming tournaments for both PC and Xbox gamers.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Hopes, dreams, and spyware.

  • AnonD-732843

Thing is that Microsoft and Android combined do not produce such an excessive amount of almost fully irreparable obsoleteness as Apple itself... Just because their closed ecosystem has excellent integration, in only its own products and works fluidly...

  • Anonymous

iPhone + Mac OS + TV + Homepod are integrated way better. Windows is buggy and unsecure, Android is buggy and unsecure, and they’re two different operating systems from two different companies. So they barely work together.