Microsoft working on 'Apollo+' update for Windows Phone 8

26 November, 2012

Microsoft is allegedly working on an update to Windows Phone, called Apollo+. This will be a minor '.1' update that will add some of the features missing in the initial release, such as support for VPN networks and OTA updates. It will also include bug fixes for issues such as Wi-Fi connection bug.

MS is going to roll out update for WP8 which is called Apollo+ in Q1 2013...Mon Nov 26 14:09:33 via web

Microsoft reportedly ran out of time for the initial release of Windows Phone 8, due to which they had to leave out features such as a notification center. You can expect to see these features roll out gradually in future updates for Windows Phone 8.

Meanwhile, you can expect to find out more about Apollo+ in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2013.



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  • Observer

coz i dont even do it myself. .i can say i'm on the neutral grounds coz i don't use android nor wp os, i'm still stuck at s40v3. .but i have plenty of friends using droids so i know how it runs and i got to try a bunch of wp phones on a store. .i thi...

  • AnonD-49949

What do you think about iphone?

  • Lunaris

LOL you talk like WP users don't do the same s***

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