Milk VR becomes Samsung VR, now anyone can upload 360 videos

Peter, 23 June, 2016

VR is the new hotness in tech and multiple companies are staking their claim - YouTube has supported 360 videos for a while, Facebook (owner of Oculus) does too and now Samsung has a site for VR videos as well.

It's actually the old Milk VR that was renamed to Samsung VR and opened to everyone (Milk allowed only a select few to upload).

You can watch these videos with Samsung's Gear VR headset or if you don't have one, you can use the dedicated Samsung VR app (which is limited only to Samsung devices for now). Everyone else will have to use the website.

Naturally, Samsung expects you'll be shooting the videos with the Gear 360 camera, which became available (albeit in select markets) recently. Samsung is holding seminars about working in VR and offering several $10,000 awards and a trip to New York for an awards ceremony to educate and draw in content creators.

If you're curious about Samsung VR, there are a number of interesting clips to watch: The Martian VR Experience, The Conjuring 2 - Experience Enfield, The BMW M2 - Eyes on Gigi (Hadid) and more.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Im in the uk and i have milk vr on my gear vr its not great....

  • Anonymous

I would like to know the same when this will be reaching the UK.

  • Sammyfan

when will this be available in the uk, does anyone know? thank you